New Content Added

By request, 3 new songs have been added to the Music/MP3s section:

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe & Big Pun – “Feelin’ So Good” (Video Version)
Jennifer Lopez – “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” (Video Version)
Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule – “Ain’t It Funny” (Remix – Video Version)

You may find them in the Music/MP3s section.

The TV Spots section was updated on the 23rd.

Also, as announced back in August, the Entertainment Tonight clips covering the wedding have been removed.

4 Responses to “New Content Added”

  1. elow says:

    can u pls upload on the floor full version? i havent heard that yet…

  2. CzarCastic says:

    It’s in the Music section…

  3. david says:

    and could you please upload the spanglish and megamix versions of waiting for tonight, and the demos from the feelin’ so good dvd-? could this be love, etc-? (the songs that are played during the biography, etc, are different to the regular album tracks). would mean the world to me 😮 …

  4. leyla says:

    Do you know where can i get Jennifer Lopez – J To The L-O Megamix music video version? If anyone knows could someone let me know? That will be so great.