Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Sues Her

LOS ANGELES – An ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez sued her for alleged breach of contract, claiming he was wrongly fired as the manager of her restaurant in Pasadena.

Ojani Noa, a waiter who married Lopez in 1997, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Superior Court. They met at a restaurant in Miami where he worked and were married for about a year.

Noa quit his job managing the Conga Room in Los Angeles in 2002 to take a job running Lopez’s new restaurant, Madres, and was told by her that she would not fire him “without good cause or reason,” the lawsuit said.

Noa, who was paid $1,000 a week, was fired six months after he started the job at Madres, which opened in April 2002, the lawsuit said. It wasn’t known why Noa was fired.

“Mr. Noa tried to call Ms. Lopez to find out what prompted this sudden change of events. His calls went unreturned,” the lawsuit said.

A phone call to Lopez’s publicist was not immediately returned.

Noa is seeking unspecified damages.

From Yahoo News!

7 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Sues Her”

  1. mel says:

    Ojani, 3 words…GET A LIFE!

  2. Javier says:

    Ojani Noa is only trying to find a way to get money. How can he sue Jennifer over a waiter job? I hope the court laughs at his face. Celebrities are always targeted for money. It’s like the MJ case, but that’s a different story. I hope Ojani doesnt get away from this. He is not going to sue my sexy wifey!

  3. Mounyra says:

    I’ m french,I don’t speak english very well but I will try to read your site because I love jennifer and in the french’s site no are much information.BYE

  4. lovita says:

    omg! ojani is suing her over a that! how primitive can he be? if jen fired him it must of been over something he did. he’s probably mad that jen has the highest paid latina actress in the world and that she is with marc and about to have children and is at the height of her career. ojani is just like eric benet. Eric is nothing without Halle Berry just like Ojani is nothing without Jennifer. it’s as simple as that!!!!!

  5. mel says:

    I agree! Ojani should find a real job instead of trying to get paid by jenny like the pathetic little boy he is!

  6. MICHELLE says:

    OMG HOW FREAKIN STUPID!!! i hate him now!! and he knows that he is so not gunna win this battle i mean HE-LLO ITS JENNIFER LOPEZ U IDIOT!!! lame..?

  7. de-boe says:

    i hink that her ex-husband is just luing his ass off and he strting to hurrt my feelings by accusing my homegirl on things she would never did never ever do!!!if i see him i’ll kick his ass for her!!!