American punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is taking issue with JOHN TRAVOLTA, BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ on his new TV movie show because he thinks their films are dreadful.

The former BLACK FLAG star will host HENRY’S FILM CORNER on American cable network INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL (IFC) from next month (DEC04) and he’s determined to tell the movie stars exactly what he thinks of their work.

He says, “There are a handful of actors who I don’t understand why they keep showing up in films. Why do they need to do three films a year?

“John Travolta? Why is he doing three films a year where they’re just so cookie cutter? You’re gonna be the bad guy but then you’re the good guy at the end. I can predict the whole movie four minutes in.

“John, why did you make DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE? Do you need money? You need money like I need problems. Come on!

“BEN AFFLECK? Why? JERSEY GIRL, why did he need to make that? JIM CARREY has never made me laugh, but I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. People say he’s funny.

“I just watched ACE VENTURA and I paid to leave. JENNIFER LOPEZ, stop, I don’t care.”

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