JLO Settles Bet

JENNIFER LOPEZ handed over $1,000 (GBP555) to her ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK recently to honour a bet she made with him when they were a couple – about the outcome of the most recent baseball season. Affleck’s beloved BOSTON RED SOX beat Lopez’s NEW YORK YANKEES on their way to the World Series, which they won.

2 Responses to “JLO Settles Bet”

  1. Jessica says:

    hey jlo i would like if u send YOUR ANSWER to my email address so here goes: how did it all start and how can or who can i go to to become an acter. A good acter like u

  2. David Gonzalez says:

    Hi i was always wondering how did you get started? What tips would you give me about how to become an actor. I know that you must ask why am i asking you if im a guy but you are just the only actress that i think you are COOl. Please contact me.
    Thank you