JENNIFER LOPEZ’s mother is praying the Latina diva has children with husband MARC ANTHONY before it’s too late.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star’s mum GUADALUPE feared her daughter would get pregnant too young, but she’s now concerned the sexy 35-year-old has postponed motherhood for too long, while Anthony, who she married in June (04), already has three children.

Lopez explains, “My mother thought I’d have children earlier. But parents always worry you’ll have children too young. That’s one of the things Latin parents worry about, that their little girl will run out and have babies too soon.

“But I’ve always wanted a family of my own. It’ll be my most important project. There’s nothing more important to me than a family – it’s a sacred thing. I really want to be a mother. God will bless me when the time is right.”


  1. Trevor Minks says:

    Hey….People…Relax already. Jen will do, what she needs to do on her time. I understand her position all to well, and last thing you want to do when it comes to kids is make mistakes.

    Love you Jennifer, keep up the good work.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Fuck Jennifer..she’s a ugly whore who probably already had 10 abortions to each of her husbands and kids we don’t even know about. She can’t fuckin sing or dance if her life depended on it, and the only reason she’s famous is because she’s supposedly got a big ass. I saw her in person a month ago and sorry to say but her ass is not that big. The publicity makes it bigger, along with her big ass head. She already has a big forehead, so it’s not working in her favor. She’s already 35 years old and she’s doing tracks with fat joe and kanye west?? come the fuck on. she’s pathetic! she claims she’s from the SOUTH BRONX, well im from nyc and castle hill, where she’s from is NOT in south bronx. she’s a dirty trashy typical puerto rican who has no taste, class or culture…kiss my ass J HO with NO talent

  3. Javier says:

    Wow your opinion is crazy. Jennifer is talented and that’s something you prolly don’t have. Jennifer is definently not ugly. She needs to fire her present make-up artist and get a new one, but other than that she is pretty. So what if she’s 35 and doing tracks with Kanye West. Madonna is 40 something years old doing tracks with Britney Spears. Age doesn’t matter in the music industry. As long you know how to write lyrics. People love to hate because they is jealous. I admit I hate on people but for reasons. I am outs. Peace.

  4. kosta_germany says:

    hey vanessa! its ok if u hate jlo… but why r u losing ur time on that site?
    this is a fan site no hatter site…
    piss off u little biatch… and get ur own life…

  5. mel says:

    Yeah Vanessa, get lost! You call jen pathetic when you’re the one finding jlo sites and hating on her, you’re just wasting your time! Go away and don’t come back, youare not welcome!

  6. Mr. E says:

    I think J.lo is HOT! I was just reading Vanessa’s opinion and I think it is just pure jealous actions. Come on she is plainly a hatter. And J.ho? Comeon that is soo old and gay!