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JENNIFER LOPEZ passionately rejects claims she rushes into marriage, insisting her love for third husband MARC ANTHONY was overwhelming and will “last forever”.

The pair exchanged wedding vows in secret in June (04) just six months after Lopez split from BEN AFFLECK, prompting the media to mock the singer’s habit of marrying the men she dates.

But she insists she simply followed her heart: “I think when you love somebody – I mean, really love them – those feelings can have power over anything; your fears, your worries, whatever.

“If your love is that strong, it can last forever.”

Hollywood star JENNIFER LOPEZ is desperate to have children with new husband MARC ANTHONY.

The Latina superstar finally feels ready to put her career on the backburner so she can concentrate on starting a family with Anthony, who she married in June (04).

Lopez says, “I’ve always wanted my own family and I’m really anxious to have children. I think about that more and more. In the past I had been working so hard pursuing my acting and my music that having children just wasn’t an issue for me because I was so busy.

“But now I want to take more time for myself and for my husband, and starting a family is definitely one of my biggest dreams.

“I can’t wait.”

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has hit out at critics of her love-life, telling them to mind their own business.

The singer/actress shocked many when she married singer MARC ANTHONY just months after splitting from previous fiance BEN AFFLECK, but Lopez is amazed by people’s intense interest in her personal life.

J.Lo says, “It’s funny how people will look at you and wonder whether you’re doing the wrong thing!

“Living your life in public is a weird thing because people feel they have a right to judge what you do.

“I think, if you turn the media spotlight on any random person, they would have the same kinds of things going on in their lives, but mine would wind up on the front page.”

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