Jennifer Lopez insists she’s a changed woman

Jenny From The Block. Fly Girl. Actress. Rapper’s Arm Candy. Pop Star. Entrepreneur. One Half Of Bennifer.

Jennifer Lopez has been all of the above. Now, she’s ready to try on a new role – recluse.

Gone, she swears, are the days of shooting music videos with her boyfriends, dishing details of her personal life with reporters and hitting the town with her entourage.

The new Mrs. Marc Anthony insists she’s happy being a homebody. So happy, in fact, that when she leaves her Miami mansion, it’s a shock to her system.

“Literally, when I get in my car, I put my head outside of the window like a dog and let the air hit my face because I don’t get out that much,” she says.

Lopez was in Manhattan earlier this week banging the drum for Shall We Dance?, a crowd-pleaser from Peter Chelsom (Funny Bones) that’s based on a hit Japanese film of the same title.

In the movie, now playing in theaters, Lopez plays a ballroom dance instructor who helps a passion-starved lawyer (Richard Gere) rekindle the romance in his marriage to his long-time wife (Susan Sarandon).

During the making of the film, Lopez and her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck were at the white-hot center of a media feeding frenzy that only seemed to intensify after the dismal failure of their first onscreen pairing in Gigli.
Gere was aware that Lopez was under stress during the making of the movie but he says she never let anyone see her sweat.

“She came to work on time,” he recalls. “She’s a hard worker. She was there and ready to go. Sometimes, I gave her hugs. She appreciated that, I think, more than anything.”

Lopez’s quick rebound from controversy shouldn’t be that surprising: After all, she’s traveled this route before. In the years since the Bronx native burst on the scene as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, she’s been hit with criticism for everything from dating Sean “P. Diddy” Combs to her two quickie marriages to reports of her diva behavior.

Nine months after splitting up with Affleck and three months after wedding Anthony, Lopez is determined to keep her private life private.

“I’ve always just had this attitude, and maybe it’s the Bronx in me or whatever, where I was just out there and very open,” she says, during a packed press conference at the Essex House Hotel. “But the approach that I’m trying to take now is to get the focus back on what I do. I’m a singer. I’m an actress. I’m a dancer. That’s what I do for a living.”

And what a living it is. With an estimated net worth of $225 million, she’s the country’s wealthiest female entertainer under age 40.

She’s already completed two more movies: the dramatic Unfinished Life with Robert Redford and the comedic Monster In-Law with Jane Fonda. And she’s getting ready to produce her first independent film, a biopic about salsa singer Hector Lavoe.

In January, Lopez is set to release her fifth CD, an English-language collection
that she promises will be funkier than her last offerings, which have sold more than 10 million copies.

And then there’s her cosmetics line, her fragrances and an array of clothing and accessory businesses.

“I feel like everything that I’ve done and accomplished was great, but it was this other person,” she says. “Now, I’m different. I’ve grown up and I feel like you’re going to see a little bit more of that in the choices I make.

“I do feel like I’m entering phase two but, at the same time, I feel like I’m right at the beginning.”

9 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez insists she’s a changed woman”

  1. Javier says:

    I hope she’s going to make blazing music videos with her new album. And yeah it is hard for a celebrity to get privacy since the papparazzi people following them everywhere. I hope jenny is not going to act way toooooooooo lay back. I like the fun, smiling jenny. Peace!!

  2. Rocco says:

    $225 million….OH MY GOD…Madonna is only worth $350 million. And shes been in the indsutry for 20 years…JLO’s been in it for 5…Go JLO…she’ll be a billionare in 10 years…and even when shes old…she’ll have a tv talk show like oprah and give away free cars like oprah cause she wants 2 share her wealth. I LOVE JLO…(Sighs)

  3. marcus says:

    i am so happy for jen! she is in a different stage in her life and even though we all liked the old jennifer, i am sure this new jennifer will be out of sight!!! and since this album is going to be her funkiest yet. i hope she has banging music videos and blazing choreography, like ms. janet jackson. it would tight if she had a missy elliot and timbaland beat. with collabos including diddy, usher, nelly, missy elliot, queen latifah, janet jackson, teena marie, luther vandross, prince, and jay-z!!! that would be off the chain!!!!

  4. marcus says:

    i can’t wait for her album to come out. hopefully their is some hip-hop beats, r&b beats, and even some latin inspired rhythms and there. that would be sooo tight and it would even reflect her life. she could even called the album JENNIFER because it reflects her life. The hip hop and r&b beats would reflect her life because of her days as a fly girl on the hit show In living Color and the latin inspired rhythms because of her background and ethnic heritage. But hopefully this album does have hot music videos and tight choreography. i cant wait for her album to ocme out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. carlos ortiz says:

    Pleeeaaaasse, let’s hope jenny gets an oscar nomination for “shall we dance” or even better, for “an unfinished life” as best actress. I think, despite “Gigli” Jennifer should not have been judged for a script written for the character she played. She played what was written on the script to the best she can be and that’s what matters. I’m sure, if Jenny is given the opportunity to play a hero action film, she will be the best. Producers, screenwriters and directors will be missing much of Jenny if they don’t wake up and realize she’s truly a well respected and A-list actress. So much for Julia Roberts not to mention a few other actresses, they do not deliver as good as Jenny. I am honestly and truly proud of Jennifer on everything that she’s done, because she takes you a farther than expected and that is who jenny is, a true and radiant star.

  6. jasmin says:

    I definitely respect Jennifer Lopez. I think everything she does is real and people need to start respecting her as an entertainer. She is doing all these things for you. From movies to music to all the accessories. Its all for the people. Why do we need to judge her so much? She’s a person who is trying to give back to the people. People evolve and change. I’m sorry but everyone changes and people need to accept that. You go girl, don’t stop because of all this negativity towards you. The only reason why you are hated is because you are somebody, somebody that all these hatas would never live up to. Do your thing, you got my support. Boricuas forever!

  7. callum pollard says:

    jlo earns an estimated $50millions a years so im not supprised she worth so much. i shows wot hard work can get ya. she is like the queen of america totally n she’ll be bigger than opera in 10years and richer i gurantee.

  8. Axrialee says:

    I understand that Jennifer Lopez has worked hard to be where she is today. And she deserves everything that she has, but not by promoting the violence of the industry, is a low-down, dirty, rotten shame. She is choosing to ignore the facts that later will harm all of us. We will only be left with memories of how our animal species were. I learned not too long ago, what is being done to this animals.It’s really sad that what god created is being destroy by another human’s selfishness. I know we can all make a difference in educating these individuals. Please help now or just let extinction be a part of our ecosystem.

  9. Prophet Wm. B. Meadors says:

    I’m not a religious fanatic, but I’ve been praying for Jennifer Lopez for about 12 years. (I really don’t know why, but I have.) I hope it is ok with her. When I saw her down a while back I cried for her. I try to pray for alot of different celebrities. Money dosen’t satify, for it is a tool to use. Having peace inside is what that counts. Sincerely Prophet Wm. B. Meadors