Ben Tries To Explain Break Up With J.LO

In the November issue of Details Magazine available Tuesday, Ben Affleck attempts to explain it all.

On press coverage of his spoiled relationship with Jennifer Lopez: “It felt like a constant oppressive siege. It’s kind of like asphyxiating from carbon monoxide poisoning. It occurs to me now that there was a certain kind of perception of me and how I looked during my relationship with Jen. Whether I had become more ‘street’ or more ‘black’ or more ‘slicked back’ or more of a ‘male diva’ or more of a self-indulgent who-does-he-think-he-is movie star. Like, there was all this stuff written about my dressing like Puffy (Combs, Lopez’ previous lover) because I was wearing track suits to the gym.

I hope the coverage of her chills. She definitely had it tougher than me in that respect. I think that the press has always been tougher on her.”

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