Jennifer Lopez – E! True Hollywood Story

Jennifer Lopez’s E! True Hollywood Story airs tonight at 8 eastern and 7 central standard time. This is the THS that reportedly she did want to be made and refused to be interviewed for, but with out having seen it yet I can not judge it’s content.

6 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez – E! True Hollywood Story”

  1. ILOVEJLO says:

    I saw the middle of it.. they interviewed her sister, her ex manger which he was saying nice things about her.. n also chris judd dad n a whole bunch of people.. it was pretty good they didnt bash her or nuffin.. but it seem they focused more on her love life then anything.. go figure… n off note i’m surprised that shall we dance jumped to #3 in the box office… well not really surpised cuzz it was a good movie…

  2. Joy1282 says:

    Most of the show was old interviews clipped together and it didn’t show her in a negative light at all. It did mostly focus on her love life and not her career and they made her seem to be a woman who lets the man her life decide what she will do who her in career which would partly be true for anyone- you would want to do what works best for you and the person you love. Anyway, I thought the program was pretty good, but I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know.

  3. mahdi says:

    Dear Mrs.Jenifer Lopez I love you

  4. angelika says:

    why do you always make so nice movies

  5. Chino says:

    Jen, I hope you & Mark, are very happy I hope
    you guys stay together.Chino BX1

  6. Felicia says:

    well she was definitely in it, being interviewed, so she must have changed her mind about having a problem with it. anyway, i thought it was really good, it was a very inspiring story, and interesting to hear all those ‘before they were famous’ tidbits.