Letterman Consumes JLO Perfume

Jennifer Lopez was left stunned during an appearance on DAVID LETTERMAN’s talk show last night (13OCT04) – when the comedian sprayed her perfume into his mouth.

Lopez appeared on his show to promote new movie SHALL WE DANCE? when Letterman pulled out her fragrances GLOW and STILL from behind his desk.

After making enquiries about them, the host opened a bottle of Still and squirted the fragrant contents into his mouth, as a stunned Lopez screamed, “Dave, what are you doing?”

Letterman gulped it down and commented, “That’s pretty good. That’s nice; I like that.

“I think this is a great idea because I’ve always commented on how nice you smell when you come out (on the show) and now the whole world can smell this way.”

Earlier this year (04), Letterman consumed some of JESSICA SIMPSON’s beauty products from her DESSERT line.

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