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Jennifer Lopez insists she’s a changed woman

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

Jenny From The Block. Fly Girl. Actress. Rapper’s Arm Candy. Pop Star. Entrepreneur. One Half Of Bennifer.

Jennifer Lopez has been all of the above. Now, she’s ready to try on a new role – recluse.

Gone, she swears, are the days of shooting music videos with her boyfriends, dishing details of her personal life with reporters and hitting the town with her entourage.

The new Mrs. Marc Anthony insists she’s happy being a homebody. So happy, in fact, that when she leaves her Miami mansion, it’s a shock to her system.

“Literally, when I get in my car, I put my head outside of the window like a dog and let the air hit my face because I don’t get out that much,” she says.

Lopez was in Manhattan earlier this week banging the drum for Shall We Dance?, a crowd-pleaser from Peter Chelsom (Funny Bones) that’s based on a hit Japanese film of the same title.

In the movie, now playing in theaters, Lopez plays a ballroom dance instructor who helps a passion-starved lawyer (Richard Gere) rekindle the romance in his marriage to his long-time wife (Susan Sarandon).

During the making of the film, Lopez and her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck were at the white-hot center of a media feeding frenzy that only seemed to intensify after the dismal failure of their first onscreen pairing in Gigli.
Gere was aware that Lopez was under stress during the making of the movie but he says she never let anyone see her sweat.

“She came to work on time,” he recalls. “She’s a hard worker. She was there and ready to go. Sometimes, I gave her hugs. She appreciated that, I think, more than anything.”

Lopez’s quick rebound from controversy shouldn’t be that surprising: After all, she’s traveled this route before. In the years since the Bronx native burst on the scene as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, she’s been hit with criticism for everything from dating Sean “P. Diddy” Combs to her two quickie marriages to reports of her diva behavior.

Nine months after splitting up with Affleck and three months after wedding Anthony, Lopez is determined to keep her private life private.

“I’ve always just had this attitude, and maybe it’s the Bronx in me or whatever, where I was just out there and very open,” she says, during a packed press conference at the Essex House Hotel. “But the approach that I’m trying to take now is to get the focus back on what I do. I’m a singer. I’m an actress. I’m a dancer. That’s what I do for a living.”

And what a living it is. With an estimated net worth of $225 million, she’s the country’s wealthiest female entertainer under age 40.

She’s already completed two more movies: the dramatic Unfinished Life with Robert Redford and the comedic Monster In-Law with Jane Fonda. And she’s getting ready to produce her first independent film, a biopic about salsa singer Hector Lavoe.

In January, Lopez is set to release her fifth CD, an English-language collection
that she promises will be funkier than her last offerings, which have sold more than 10 million copies.

And then there’s her cosmetics line, her fragrances and an array of clothing and accessory businesses.

“I feel like everything that I’ve done and accomplished was great, but it was this other person,” she says. “Now, I’m different. I’ve grown up and I feel like you’re going to see a little bit more of that in the choices I make.

“I do feel like I’m entering phase two but, at the same time, I feel like I’m right at the beginning.”


Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM will violently attack sexy singers BEYONCE KNOWLES and JENNIFER LOPEZ in a new advert for soft drink giant PEPSI.

The England captain signed a $18 million (GBP10 million) deal with Pepsi earlier this year (04) and will join the feisty stars in Europe to shoot the martial arts commercial within the next few weeks.

An insider says, “It’s CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON meets KILL BILL. David is excited to be doing an advert with Beyonce and Jennifer.

‘Shall We Dance?’ director is dancing for joy

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Peter Chelsom should be a happy director.

“Shall We Dance?” reportedly has earned the highest exit poll response of any Miramax film since “Good Will Hunting.” Possibly even more important, the Richard Gere-Jennifer Lopez-Susan Sarandon starrer is his second movie since directing “Town & Country.”

“Town & Country” is the infamous comedy that starred Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Andie MacDowell, Garry Shandling and Charlton Heston. It ballooned way over budget and over schedule before finally landing with a thud in 2001.

“It was a big public flop, and it could have ended my career right then,” the director said in Dallas recently. “I needed ‘Town & Country’ to be two films behind me for me to feel good.”

“Serendipity,” a successful comedy with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, followed “Town & Country.” And now “Shall We Dance?” has the earmarks of a similar success. Not that the new film was free of problems, having been made at the height of Bennifer, the very public J. Lo-Ben Affleck off-screen romance.

“They were engaged when we started filming,” said Chelsom. “Then came the sex-club scandal. Then Ben came to our location. And the media swarmed all over the set.”

Despite such extracurricular activities, he has kind words for all his cast.

“While all this turmoil was going on, Jennifer was very focused. The woman who came to the set each morning was focused only on doing the film.

“Jennifer already knew Susan and Tim,” he said, referring to Sarandon’s companion, Oscar-winner Tim Robbins. “Susan said that their kids love Jennifer. And Susan and Richard have known each other for years and are great friends. They play husband and wife in the movie, and they had the instant chemistry of a couple who’ve known and loved each other for years.”

In the movie, the Gere-Sarandon union is threatened when he takes ballroom dancing lessons from Lopez. The film’s advertising campaign highlights the male star, with Sarandon getting equal and maybe even more emphasis than J. Lo.

“It was never intended as a so-called J. Lo movie, and Jennifer understood that and wanted to do it partly for that very reason. Another reason was that she loves dance. But there was never any intention to play her down. Yes, ‘Gigli’ flopped, but this was another movie entirely. Everyone understood that this is a movie about a marriage, not an affair. The relationship between Richard and Susan is the mainstay, and the sexual tension between Richard and Jennifer is subliminal.”

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Ben Tries To Explain Break Up With J.LO

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

In the November issue of Details Magazine available Tuesday, Ben Affleck attempts to explain it all.

On press coverage of his spoiled relationship with Jennifer Lopez: “It felt like a constant oppressive siege. It’s kind of like asphyxiating from carbon monoxide poisoning. It occurs to me now that there was a certain kind of perception of me and how I looked during my relationship with Jen. Whether I had become more ‘street’ or more ‘black’ or more ‘slicked back’ or more of a ‘male diva’ or more of a self-indulgent who-does-he-think-he-is movie star. Like, there was all this stuff written about my dressing like Puffy (Combs, Lopez’ previous lover) because I was wearing track suits to the gym.

I hope the coverage of her chills. She definitely had it tougher than me in that respect. I think that the press has always been tougher on her.”

Jennifer Lopez – E! True Hollywood Story

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez’s E! True Hollywood Story airs tonight at 8 eastern and 7 central standard time. This is the THS that reportedly she did want to be made and refused to be interviewed for, but with out having seen it yet I can not judge it’s content.


Friday, October 22nd, 2004

MARC ANTHONY’s ex-fiancee is warning JENNIFER LOPEZ to stay as independent as possible because the singer liked to control her every move when she was dating him.

Stunning CLAUDETTE LALI dated the Latino star eight years ago (96) and admits romancing Anthony wasn’t always fun.

She reveals, “He will do whatever it takes to make you feel like you have met your prince – you feel loved and protected.

“(But) there was no way I could go out to dinner with friends or travel on my own.”

Lali tells America’s IN TOUCH magazine that the singer even tried to convince his fiancee to quit modelling so she could spend more time with him.

She adds, “We would fight over that.”

Then, when Anthony ended the six-month romance and demanded the diamond ring he gave her, Lali admits she was devastated: “I had to get a motivational coach just to try to find myself because I was Marc’s shadow.”


Thursday, October 21st, 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s husband MARC ANTHONY is producing her first Spanish language album – but she still refuses to duet with him on it.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star collaborated with Anthony on the song NO ME AMES in 1999, taken from her ON THE 6 debut disc, but there’s speculation she’s refused to sing future tracks with him after the negative reviews the duet received.

She explains, “Marc’s producing the Spanish album for me, but there are no duets on that album.”

Anthony recently produced Lopez’s cover of the DEAN MARTIN classic SWAY for the soundtrack of her latest film SHALL WE DANCE?.

Marc Serenades Jen

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Marc Anthony may shy away from talking to the press about his wife Jennifer Lopez, but he doesn’t have a problem singing about her in front of 4,000 people. In a concert at New York’s Roseland Ballroom Sunday (October 17), Anthony pointed to Jennifer as he sang a song in Spanish that translated means “There’s Nobody Like Her.” During the song, Anthony climbed up on a platform at the side of the stage and sang facing the balcony where Lopez was seated.

Before the last song of the set, Anthony introduced Lopez to the audience, saying “(She’s) a woman who has dedicated her life to representing [Puerto Ricans]. A really, really good friend of mine–Jennifer Lopez.” Lopez is a native New Yorker, so it’s no surprise that the mostly Latino audience chanted “J. Lo, J. Lo” for their hometown favorite.

Anthony also acknowledged Fat Joe, who waved to the crowd from his seat in the balcony. During the concert, Fat Joe told LAUNCH, “[Marc Anthony] is a great singer…a good friend… he’s absolutely amazing.”

Lopez sat with her mother, Guadalupe, and her sister Lynda Lopez.

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Readers of America’s men’s magazine ESQUIRE have created the ‘perfect’ woman and she has CHARLIZE THERON’s legs, JESSICA SIMPSON’s chest, JENNIFER LOPEZ’s bottom and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES’ face.

The publication’s editors asked readers to vote for their favourites in a host of straight and bizarre categories as part of the glossy’s annual The Women We Love issue.

Newlywed BRITNEY SPEARS fared well in the vote, topping three categories – Sexiest Pop Star, Most Likely To Pose Nude To Revive Her Career and Woman You Would Pay The Most To See Naked.

And, as well as beating HALLE BERRY to Best Top, Jessica Simpson and her sister ASHLEE beat socialites PARIS and NICKY HILTON in the Sexiest Sisters vote.

In some of the more quirky categories, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO beat JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE as Most Womanish Man, JULIA ROBERTS was voted Best Movie Prostitute, ELLEN DEGENERES topped the Funniest Woman and Favourite Lesbian categories and newlywed Jennifer Lopez was chosen as the Likeliest Future Divorcee.

Readers agreed with the editors’ choice for Sexiest Woman Alive – ANGELINA JOLIE.

Source: Contact Music

Jennifer Opening Salsa Dancing School?

Monday, October 18th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly set up her own salsa dancing school in the Bronx where she grew up.

The sexy singer credits her dance lessons with launching her career and is looking forward to giving others the start she had by personally teaching the classes in the New York city district, reports Britain’s DAILY STAR newspaper.

An insider says, “Jennifer loves dancing so when the idea came up, she thought it was fabulous. And Jen is also looking forward to personally teaching salsa classes as often as her hectic schedule allows.”

Jennifer Fondly Remembers Her Young Love

Sunday, October 17th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez’s longest relationship was not with any of her husbands or fiances. The thrice-married Lopez’s first love was her most lasting to date.

“My first love was a guy in high school named David. We dated for, like, nine years — from high school until I was about 24,” recalls Lopez, who married singer Marc Anthony this past June.

Her first marriage to bartender Ojani Noa lasted 11 months. Her subsequent marriage to backup dancer Chris Judd lasted 16 months. She dated rap mogul Sean (Puffy) Combs for almost 18 months and Ben Affleck for 26 months.

“I have many memories of David because nine years is like a lifetime. We grew up together because I was barely 16 when I met him.”

She recalls they met through mutual friends.

“His best friend was dating my best friend. He saw me and fell in love with me right away. I had short hair and I was a little too heavy and wore these terrible school uniforms, but he fell in love with me anyway.”

The boy proved persistent — Lopez admits she made it known she didn’t find him appealing.

“He heard what I said about him and he was mad, but when we went back to school for the next year I saw him at the bus stop and thought he was kind of cute.”

She told her friend — who told his friend — and “he liked me again so we wound up dating for almost 10 years.”

Lopez has kept in touch with her puppy love because “he still lives in the neighbourhood in the Bronx where we grew up, and so does my grandmother.

“I see him whenever I go there to visit her. When we run into each other we keep in touch for a while through phone calls. He’s a friend and he probably knows me better than anyone else or at least more than a lot of people do.”

Lopez is starring as Richard Gere’s dance instructor in the locally shot romantic comedy Shall We Dance?, which opened Friday.

Source: Winnipeg Sun

Possible Release Date Change

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Yesterday on TRL, Jennifer Lopez announced that while she just finished her English album, that she is currently working on a Spanish album and expects a 2005 release date for each album. The official Jennifer Lopez site still maintains that the album will be released this holiday season. I will post any new information as it becomes available.


Friday, October 15th, 2004

On October 11, 2004 US Weekly and Contact Music reported that Marc Anthony has a cameo in the upcoming movie SHALL WE DANCE. As a result that news was posted on this site. He does not make an appearance in the movie. US Weekly stated the correction in the October 18, 2004 edition and stated they regret the error. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Letterman Consumes JLO Perfume

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez was left stunned during an appearance on DAVID LETTERMAN’s talk show last night (13OCT04) – when the comedian sprayed her perfume into his mouth.

Lopez appeared on his show to promote new movie SHALL WE DANCE? when Letterman pulled out her fragrances GLOW and STILL from behind his desk.

After making enquiries about them, the host opened a bottle of Still and squirted the fragrant contents into his mouth, as a stunned Lopez screamed, “Dave, what are you doing?”

Letterman gulped it down and commented, “That’s pretty good. That’s nice; I like that.

“I think this is a great idea because I’ve always commented on how nice you smell when you come out (on the show) and now the whole world can smell this way.”

Earlier this year (04), Letterman consumed some of JESSICA SIMPSON’s beauty products from her DESSERT line.

Jennifer Sells Hollywood Hills Home

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez has sold off the Hollywood Hills home where she staged her low-key wedding to Marc Anthony in June.

The pop superstar turned actress had the mansion built for her in 2002 in a gated community and has now sold it for $14.5 million.
The four-bedroom home features eight bathrooms, a pool, tennis courts and a screening room.