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“Bennifer” Wax-work Angers Lopez

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ has ordered British waxwork museum MADAME TUSSAUDS to separate models of herself and former fiance BEN AFFLECK.

The pair – formerly known together as ‘Bennifer’ – went their separate ways at the start of the year , but an exhibition at Madame Tussauds still has a tableau with Affleck playing poker and Lopez looking on dissaprovingly.

An insider says, “Jennifer has had it with Ben. She finds it a real insult to be stood next to a man – real or not – that she no longer wants anything to do with.”

Source: Contact Music

Jennifer Lopez- Promoting Everything but herself

Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

Yahoo News reports , Jennifer Lopez is sporting what appears to be a sizable wedding band. But despite her appearance at several major Fashion Week events over the past few days, J. Lo still won’t address the enormous elephant in the room: her secret June wedding to singer Marc Anthony, her third husband.

With two fall/winter movies and an upcoming album to promote, Lopez is back – sort of. She won’t discuss her personal life in interviews to promote her October release Shall We Dance?

After her overexposed and ultimately busted engagement to actor Ben Affleck, it’s understandable that Lopez would want her latest relationship to be more low-key, industry watchers say.

But her refusal to address it has hardly dimmed the spotlight on her personal life.

Lopez has not officially confirmed her marital status, but that hasn’t stopped the celebrity magazines from feverishly speculating about the state of her union – in part because of her dramatic romantic past, in part because so little information about her current relationship is out there. “Is It Already Over?” the new In Touch asks. “Trouble Already!” a recent issue of Us crowed.

Not discussing her private life is “her own prerogative,” Lopez rep Leslie Sloane Zelnick says. “Things get blown up by the press, and there’s some things in life she wants to keep private. This is the way she wants to live her life.”

That means following Lopez and Anthony’s patented red-carpet formula. Much as they did at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, the couple arrived together at a Coty anniversary bash Sunday night. They walked the red carpet separately but reunited inside the party, where they cuddled and kissed in front of gawkers.

Yet it’s hardly the camera-ready lip-locks that Lopez and Affleck shared at high-profile events, or the pat her posterior got from Affleck in her Jenny From the Block video.

The ensuing media feeding frenzy is why Us editor Janice Min suspects Lopez might now be overcompensating for the “Bennifer spectacle, which was just too much.”

Min speculates that by zipping her lips, the larger-than-life Lopez could, in the long run, turn off her fans. But no immediate coolness was evident at a Sunday afternoon fan meet-and-greet at Macy’s, where teary-eyed teen girls and moms hugged Lopez and swore their affection for the grinning star.

“Her media strategy seems to be that less is more,” Min says. “But she’s always loved the publicity and being the modern-day Liz Taylor with an incredibly soap-operatic life.”
“Still, the whole Bennifer thing was embarrassing. She did not want to become a punch line, but in the end this tactic might not work for her. People love her because she’s been out there and has a colorful life.”

Dancer/Songwriter Har Mar on J.LO

Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

According to ‘Har Mar Superstar’ , JENNIFER LOPEZ lacks singing skills and is devoid of a personality.

Har Mar was approached by J.Lo to pen her a hit song in rapid time, but his composing talents failed to impress the pop star – and she never even recorded the tune.

But Har Mar believes his song lacked impact because it’s impossible to write for a singer who doesn’t possess a personality or decent vocals.

He says, “I was asked to write for Jennifer and it was a real short turnaround time. They wanted me to do it in five days and in the end she didn’t use it.

“It was hard to write for J.Lo because she has no personality, so you don’t know what she’s thinking. She also doesn’t have a vocal range so you can’t really do anything.”

Source: Contact Music

Various Jennifer Newsbits

Monday, September 13th, 2004

These are various newsbits from Contact Music and Hispanic Business :

Kevin Smith on Jennifer Lopez:
“If your leading man says, ‘Hey, let’s cast my girlfriend,’ you say, ‘No.'” KEVIN SMITH on directing pal BEN AFFLECK alongside JENNIFER LOPEZ in the movie JERSEY GIRL.

Lopez to Be Honored:
JENNIFER LOPEZ is set to be honoured for her humanitarian efforts on 2 October (04) at the NOCHE DE NINOS gala to benefit Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez to poke fun of herself on TV:
JENNIFER LOPEZ is set to poke fun at her romances on the season premiere of sitcom WILL + GRACE on Thursday (16SEP04).

The singer/actress rejoins the comedy team on the show after playing herself in a wedding party finale last season.

And, after asking MEGAN MULLALLY’s character KAREN, “How’s married life treating you?” she’s told it lasted just 20 minutes.

Game-for-a-laugh Lopez then delivers the punchline “That’s short, right?”

Jennifer’s Ex-Make up artist speaks out

Sunday, September 12th, 2004

“JENNIFER LOPEZ’s former make-up artist has threatened to write a scandalous book about the Latina star if she continues to criticise him in public.

SCOTT BARNES was ditched by Lopez after four years, when she discovered he was leaking private information about her to the press. But Barnes, who has worked with KATE HUDSON and UMA THURMAN, denies the reports and is considering revealing secrets about her faith healer who allegedly purifies her houses by ridding “bad auras”and curses people who cause her distress.

An insider tells website PAGESIX.COM, “He knows everything. He knows all about Jennifer and her faith healer (MERLE GONZALEZ). After BEN (AFFLECK) left Jennifer, Merle went in to expel bad auras and cleanse her house. Merle also blessed the SHALL WE DANCE set and some people say Jennifer has had Merle put hexes on people she feels have done her wrong.”

Lopez’s representative said, “We don’t comment on personal matters.”

Source: Contact Music

Hurricane Frances Destroys J. Lo’s Boat

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

Contact Music reported earlier today that Jennifer Lopez lost a prized boat in Hurricane Frances.
“JENNIFER LOPEZ has become one of Hurricane Frances’ many victims, after losing her prized boat in the devastating storm.

The fierce hurricane caused millions of dollars worth of damage when it began its attack on the state of Florida on Sunday, and Lopez’s Miami Beach mansion was caught up in the storm.

Workers at a Miami boat salvage company received a call to pick up the remains of one of Lopez’s favourite luxury toys, which was docked on a lift outside her mansion when Frances blew into town.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer’s 8.5-metre (28-foot) Regal boat was literally shredded and smashed to pieces by Frances. “

“Sway” Axed by Miramax

Sunday, September 5th, 2004

“Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony Song Rejected For Movie ”

“The theme song for the movie Shall We Dance, recorded by Jennifer Lopez and new husband Marc Anthony has been rejected by Miramix films despite Lopez starring in the film.

Miramax feel the song ‘Sway’ by Lopez and Anthony will overshadow the publicity for the movie if used and have decided to search for a new singer to record the song.

Shall We Dance is a remake of a Japanese movie. It is about a bored accountant played by Richard Gere, who signs up for dance lessons. Lopez plays the instructor.

The movie is expected to be released in October.”

Source: Undercover Music

JLo #1 On Top Ten List

Friday, September 3rd, 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s much-hyped derriere has captured headlines once again, after landing at the top of a poll of the Best Booties in Hollywood.

The curvaceous singer and actress has recently worked hard to detract attention away from her shapely buttocks, but has been relatively unsuccessful, with few failing to miss the allure of her bounteous behind.

Lopez, who is proud of her curves, has said of her bottom, “People knew my butt before they knew my name. It’s big, when I was younger, I had a bit of a complex about it.”

And now her rear takes pride of place at the top of IN TOUCH WEEKLY’s poll, beating out such curvy contenders as BEYONCE KNOWLES, JANET JACKSON and HALLE BERRY.

The full top 10 is:











Source: Contact Music

Vote for Jen for the MTV Style Awards

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Click here to vote for Jennifer Lopez for the upcoming 2004 MTV Style Awards! She’s nominated for Most Influential International Artist

Vote For Jennifer as Hello! Magazine’s Most Elegant Woman

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Vote For Jennifer Lopez has Hello! Magazine’s Most Elegant woman. She is curently in third place, and you can vote for her every fifteen minutes.

George Lopez Pokes Fun at Jennifer at Latin Grammy Awards

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

George Lopez, the host of the Latin Grammy Awards, told the audience that the most asked question to him was if he was related to Jennifer Lopez. His answer was “I hope not, I’m next in line to marry her”.

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JLo Fires Make-UP Artist Scott Barnes

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

While this may be a rumor Contact Music and Page Six are reporting that Jennifer Lopez has dismissed her long time make-up artist Scott Barnes.
“Singing diva JENNIFER LOPEZ has sacked her long-term makeup artist after discovering he was leaking stories about her to the press.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK beauty – who recently married third husband MARC ANTONY – was furious to discover someone in her close circle was secretly relaying information to journalists, so set a trap.

And, according to New York gossip site PAGE, SCOTT BARNES was discovered to be the culprit after Lopez told him false information and then her representatives started getting calls from press about it.

A source says, “His former client LUCY LIU had a similar problem with Scott.”

Jennifer Lopez’s own rep has been quoted as saying, “It’s not as dramatic as it seems. She’s exploring other options.”