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JENNIFER LOPEZ will be getting “seductive” one-to-one dance lessons from husband MARC ANTHONY.

The Latin singer is keen to teach his superstar wife of three months and her troupe of dancers “many new moves”.

Lopez, herself a trained dancer, made her Hollywood debut as a FLY GIRL on American TV show IN LIVING COLOR in 1990 – where she performed in a number of routines.

A source comments the moves will be “slinky and seductive”.


WILL + GRACE star has revealed how she shed the pounds after giving birth to baby ROMAN in April (04) – rigorous workouts with JENNIFER LOPEZ’s fitness trainer GUNNAR PETERSON.

The flame-haired actress signed up for intense workouts with Hollywood-based Peterson in July (04) and is already close to reaching her pre-pregnancy size.

Peterson admits Messing has become one of his favourite clients: “She’s dedicated and she’s working to get healthy for her family and the show. She’s pushing it.”

The fitness guru’s Messing workouts include hardcore cardiovascular exercises during two-hour workouts four times a week.

Messing took time to get back into shape on the advice of her doctors, who advised her to take it easy after Roman was born, weighing just five pounds four ounces (2.33 kilograms).

She admits the trials and tribulations of being a new mum have helped her lose a staggering 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) since giving birth.

The actress says, “No one tells you how hard it’s gonna be. No one gives you the real skinny.

“You don’t sleep for three months. Three months straight, no sleep whatsoever.”

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s upcoming movie SHALL WE DANCE? is already proving unpopular with film critics.

Trade publications VARIETY and the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, have given the film, which is a remake of a hit 1996 Japanese ballroom dancing romance, decidedly mixed reviews – with the Reporter branding it a “dishearteningly sullen, lead-footed mis-step”.

Variety’s critic TODD McCARTHY writes, “(The) new version (set in Chicago) misses the built-in Japanese cultural restraints that intensified the poignancy the first time around, and central casting issues are dicey.”

Lopez, who plays PAULINA, the object of attraction for RICHARD GERE’s character, is barely mentioned in McCarthy’s review.

Reporter reviewer MICHAEL RECHTSHAFFEN explains, “While the marketing may suggest otherwise, Lopez figures in only about a third of the film – if that – and her severely underwritten character gives her a lot less to grab onto than costume designer SOPHIE DE RAKOFF CARBONELL’s elegant, form-hugging creations.”

It is hoped that the movie, which also stars SUSAN SARANDON and STANLEY TUCCI, will perform better than Lopez and ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK’s 2003 all-round flop GIGLI when it’s released on 15 October (04).


SONY PICTURES is being sued by a scriptwriter who claims JENNIFER LOPEZ’s movie ENOUGH plagiarised a script she wrote called EVEN EXCHANGE.

In the 2002 movie, the Latina beauty plays a wife who gets revenge on her abusive husband, but ALLYSON TURNER insists this plot is suspiciously similar to the script she once sent Sony.

Turner is demanding $4.95 million (GBP2.75 million) in damages, and her lawyer, GREGORY DANNENBURG says, “The storyline is uncannily parallel.”

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