Marc Apologizes for fighting with Jen

MARC ANTHONY apologized to his new bride JENNIFER LOPEZ at his recent birthday party, after realising arguments they’d had leading up to the event were due in part to his wife’s desperation to keep the bash a surprise.

The Latin singer was immediately full or remorse when he realised his 36th birthday party at his Long Island, New York, home on 16 September had caused his wife many headaches.

And, as her stress levels grew, so did his, and the fiery couple ended up fighting.

But he wasted no time in apologising, taking a microphone and explaining, “I have to apologise to my wife… She’s been busy all week, and we’ve been fighting. I didn’t know all along she was distracted because she was planning this for me.”

A delighted Lopez simply nodded and said, “I forgive you.”

The singer/actress was kept very busy organising the surprise party for her new husband – she instructed guests to park at a nearby church and ordered a bus to take them to the party, so Anthony wouldn’t be suspicious when he arrived home.

She also ordered a cake with Anthony’s face on it and booked Anthony’s heavyweight pal FAT JOE, ASHANTI and a salsa band to perform for her thrilled husband.

One Response to “Marc Apologizes for fighting with Jen”

  1. Javier says:

    AWWWWWWWWW that is sweet. That does happen, when your a couple and it’s their birthday and your in a lot of stress to keep it a secret. But I think that is sweet what my wifey did. I love you JLO!!!!!!