JLo Refuses to Sing at Husbands Party

According to Contact Music :
“Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ stunned guests at husband MARC ANTHONY’s surprise birthday party last week (16SEP04), by refusing to sing to her beau.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star was asked to take to the stage to serenade the Latin singer, but declined claiming that she had not been given enough time to prepare.”

“An eyewitness tells PAGESIX.COM, “Marc ended up singing at his own birthday. You’ll never see J.Lo un-plugged.” ‘

2 Responses to “JLo Refuses to Sing at Husbands Party”

  1. Javier says:

    I can’t wait til her new album comes out. I hope its more dancing than love stuff. So what if Jenny didn’t want to sing to her man. She wasn’t prepared for it and why would you want to make a fool of yourself on stage?

    BY the way, I had a dream Jenny called my cell phone twice and I was talking to her, I hoped it was true, but zamm these dreams lol.

  2. jlo's biggest fan no matter what says:

    I wouldnt call it “making a fool of myself”. She is wonderful and you shouldnt be saying crap like that. I agree thoughn that she shouldn’t have sung to him. Who’d want to sing to that bumhole