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Lopez Working with PR Experts

Thursday, September 30th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez is being given intensive media coaching, in a bid to appear more down to earth.

She is reportedly sick of the negative press she gets – and wants to start afresh when she begins promoting her new movie SHALL WE DANCE.

A member of her entourage says, “Jen’s taken a battering over her movies and her people have been working to get the press back on her side.

“She’s been working with PR experts to get her pitch just right and not come across the wrong way.”


Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ is sharing screen time with the main man in her life once again, after securing a small role for her husband MARC ANTHONY in the movie SHALL WE DANCE?.

Lopez, who became Anthony’s wife in a shock ceremony in June (04), has appeared with ex-boyfriend SEAN ‘P DIDDY’ COMBS in the video to his track ALL AROUND THE WORLD and teamed up with ex-husband CRIS JUDD in the clip for her chart-topping hit LOVE DON’T COST A THING.

But, most notably, Lopez appeared in 2003’s critical and box office flop GIGLI alongside former fiance BEN AFFLECK, who was also her JERSEY GIRL co-star.

Still, Lopez secured a surprise cameo for Anthony, who dances with his real-life wife in the movie.

A source says, ‘Lopez was cast perfectly. Plus, she still has considerable dancing chops.”

The movie, which also stars SUSAN SARANDON and RICHARD GERE, has so far received lukewarm reviews ahead of its 15 October (04) release date.

From Contact Music

J.Lo Newsbits

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

Here are several Jennifer Lopez news stories of interest. All can be found at Contact Music


JENNIFER LOPEZ will be getting “seductive” one-to-one dance lessons from husband MARC ANTHONY.

The Latin singer is keen to teach his superstar wife of three months and her troupe of dancers “many new moves”.

Lopez, herself a trained dancer, made her Hollywood debut as a FLY GIRL on American TV show IN LIVING COLOR in 1990 – where she performed in a number of routines.

A source comments the moves will be “slinky and seductive”.


WILL + GRACE star has revealed how she shed the pounds after giving birth to baby ROMAN in April (04) – rigorous workouts with JENNIFER LOPEZ’s fitness trainer GUNNAR PETERSON.

The flame-haired actress signed up for intense workouts with Hollywood-based Peterson in July (04) and is already close to reaching her pre-pregnancy size.

Peterson admits Messing has become one of his favourite clients: “She’s dedicated and she’s working to get healthy for her family and the show. She’s pushing it.”

The fitness guru’s Messing workouts include hardcore cardiovascular exercises during two-hour workouts four times a week.

Messing took time to get back into shape on the advice of her doctors, who advised her to take it easy after Roman was born, weighing just five pounds four ounces (2.33 kilograms).

She admits the trials and tribulations of being a new mum have helped her lose a staggering 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) since giving birth.

The actress says, “No one tells you how hard it’s gonna be. No one gives you the real skinny.

“You don’t sleep for three months. Three months straight, no sleep whatsoever.”

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s upcoming movie SHALL WE DANCE? is already proving unpopular with film critics.

Trade publications VARIETY and the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, have given the film, which is a remake of a hit 1996 Japanese ballroom dancing romance, decidedly mixed reviews – with the Reporter branding it a “dishearteningly sullen, lead-footed mis-step”.

Variety’s critic TODD McCARTHY writes, “(The) new version (set in Chicago) misses the built-in Japanese cultural restraints that intensified the poignancy the first time around, and central casting issues are dicey.”

Lopez, who plays PAULINA, the object of attraction for RICHARD GERE’s character, is barely mentioned in McCarthy’s review.

Reporter reviewer MICHAEL RECHTSHAFFEN explains, “While the marketing may suggest otherwise, Lopez figures in only about a third of the film – if that – and her severely underwritten character gives her a lot less to grab onto than costume designer SOPHIE DE RAKOFF CARBONELL’s elegant, form-hugging creations.”

It is hoped that the movie, which also stars SUSAN SARANDON and STANLEY TUCCI, will perform better than Lopez and ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK’s 2003 all-round flop GIGLI when it’s released on 15 October (04).


SONY PICTURES is being sued by a scriptwriter who claims JENNIFER LOPEZ’s movie ENOUGH plagiarised a script she wrote called EVEN EXCHANGE.

In the 2002 movie, the Latina beauty plays a wife who gets revenge on her abusive husband, but ALLYSON TURNER insists this plot is suspiciously similar to the script she once sent Sony.

Turner is demanding $4.95 million (GBP2.75 million) in damages, and her lawyer, GREGORY DANNENBURG says, “The storyline is uncannily parallel.”

Marc Apologizes for fighting with Jen

Friday, September 24th, 2004

MARC ANTHONY apologized to his new bride JENNIFER LOPEZ at his recent birthday party, after realising arguments they’d had leading up to the event were due in part to his wife’s desperation to keep the bash a surprise.

The Latin singer was immediately full or remorse when he realised his 36th birthday party at his Long Island, New York, home on 16 September had caused his wife many headaches.

And, as her stress levels grew, so did his, and the fiery couple ended up fighting.

But he wasted no time in apologising, taking a microphone and explaining, “I have to apologise to my wife… She’s been busy all week, and we’ve been fighting. I didn’t know all along she was distracted because she was planning this for me.”

A delighted Lopez simply nodded and said, “I forgive you.”

The singer/actress was kept very busy organising the surprise party for her new husband – she instructed guests to park at a nearby church and ordered a bus to take them to the party, so Anthony wouldn’t be suspicious when he arrived home.

She also ordered a cake with Anthony’s face on it and booked Anthony’s heavyweight pal FAT JOE, ASHANTI and a salsa band to perform for her thrilled husband.

JLo’s Husband Marc talks about his looks

Friday, September 24th, 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s husband MARC ANTHONY works hard on his personality – because he has always known his looks would fail to win over women.

The salsa singer, 35, who became J.Lo’s third husband in June (04), took his father’s advice to heart when he told him he was “ugly” and would need to rely on charm to seduce ladies.

Anthony says, “My father said to me, ‘Son, you’re ugly. If you want women to like you, you must work on your personality.’

“So I learnt to speak their language, to get closer to the female sensibility. You can hear it in my music.”

Source: Contact Music

Jen’s Role Slimmed down in “AN UNFINISHED LIFE”

Friday, September 24th, 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s role in ROBERT REDFORD’s upcoming movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE has been drastically reduced, after bosses left most of her scenes on the cutting room floor.

The singer and actress, whose movie GIGLI with former fiance BEN AFFLECK was panned by critics and flopped at the box office, had shot a number of scenes in the movie, but now many of them have been sliced from the December (04) opener.

Co-star JOSH LUCAS says, “I’ve heard that Jennifer’s (part has) been cut very drastically.”

A MIRAMAX representative explains, “It was always Robert Redford’s movie. That’s the way it is in the script.

“In the stuff I did with her, she was damn good.”

Source: Contact Music

Jennifer Opens up about her love for Marc

Friday, September 24th, 2004

“JENNIFER LOPEZ is revealing all about her surprise third wedding at last, admitting her new status as MARC ANTONY’s wife has softened up her personality.

The singer/actress appeared on last night’s (23SEP04) PRIMETIME LIVE news show in America, and confessed to interviewer DIANE SAWYER she was “a little nervous”.

Then, she opened up about her June (04) wedding, and vowed her latest trip down the aisle will lead to a lasting romance.

She said, “What do I know about marriage? I think I’ve learned that both people have to really wanna be there.

“It’s how you treat each other when you’re hurt. I think that’s the most important thing – because it’s all great when everything’s fun and great and lovely, but I think in the hard times is when a marriage becomes a marriage or it just falls apart.”

But the biggest shock in the candid chat came when Lopez revealed she’s ditched her tough girl JENNY FROM THE BLOCK image.

She added, “I was always so Bronxy in a way – gutsy and ballsy and ‘I don’t care what anybody thinks…'”

Lopez also confessed she didn’t think she’d ever be happily married after breaking up with BEN AFFLECK earlier this year (04): “There’s always a part of you that doesn’t believe everything once you’ve been through a lot.”

Source: Contact Music

Jennifer’s Birthday Gift For Marc

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

“According to a British newspaper, the curvaceous singer, whose $30 million income placed her at number five on a Forbes celebrity rich list last year, has spent 500,000 on a luxury Maybach limo for her Salsa singer spouse. The impressive gift means that Marc is now just one of a handful of celebs to own one of the pricey, ultra-exclusive vehicles.

The sleek sedan, plush and fully equipped, features automatic climate control, refrigerator, DVD player, two 9.5-inch flat screens and 21-speaker sound system, giving celebrity favourites the Rolls Royce and Bentley a run for their money.

And with only a few hundred models sold per year potential owners must be invited by manufacturer Daimler Chrysler to purchase one Jenny can be sure that her hubby will be the only one on the block with the ultimate in bling-bling wheels.”
Source: Hello! Magazine

Jennifer Lopez- Happier Now

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

“Nearly a year after her much-discussed romance with actor Ben Affleck ended, and just months after her reported marriage to fellow songbird Marc Anthony, singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says she’s much happier now. ”

“I guess in a lot of ways, a lot of different ways,” she told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an interview airing on Primetime. “That’s how I feel now, like things are clearer than before. And I can relax a little bit. I can slouch my shoulders and be myself a little bit more.”

Watch Diane Sawyer’s exclusive interview on Thursday night, at 10 p.m. E.T.

Lopez spoke ahead of the Oct .15 release of her next film, Shall We Dance?, a romantic comedy about the lengths to which people will go to maintain passion in a relationship.

In an exclusive interview with Sawyer, Lopez and co-stars Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon reflected on what they have learned over the years about romance, love and marriage as well as other life lessons.
Learning Process

Lopez’s reported marriage to Anthony is her third. She admits that she’s not an expert. “You learn things as you go I’m figuring it out for myself as I go along,” she told Sawyer.

But one thing she’s learned about the institution is that it only becomes real when it’s tested.

“Both people have to really want to be there, you know, and they both have to make that choice. And it’s a compromise, and it’s how you treat each other when you’re hurt. I think that’s the most important thing,” she said.

“It’s all great when everything’s fun and great and lovely and everything. But I think in the hard times is when a marriage becomes a marriage or it just falls apart.”

Before her reported June marriage to Anthony, Lopez had a two-year relationship with actor Ben Affleck.

They had planned to get married last September, but called off the nuptials “due to the excessive media attention,” and separated a few weeks later.

Lopez told Sawyer she’s surprised how happy she is now. “There’s always a part of you that doesn’t believe everything once you’ve been through a lot,” she said.

Read the full story at ABC News and at Contact Music

JLo Refuses to Sing at Husbands Party

Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

According to Contact Music :
“Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ stunned guests at husband MARC ANTHONY’s surprise birthday party last week (16SEP04), by refusing to sing to her beau.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star was asked to take to the stage to serenade the Latin singer, but declined claiming that she had not been given enough time to prepare.”

“An eyewitness tells PAGESIX.COM, “Marc ended up singing at his own birthday. You’ll never see J.Lo un-plugged.” ‘

Jennifer Lopez- Style Icon For Fall

Monday, September 20th, 2004

This Fall’s fashion is all about the accessories and flash. Break out your flashiest baubles and bangles.

This fall, there’s almost no such thing as too much bling-bling, or any good accessory thing.

According to Stein Mart spokeswoman Rita Wood, “We can all play and act like Jennifer Lopez.”
Feminine is in; fedoras, purses and shoes go candy colorful; tops are cropped; and after-five looks, such as velvet jackets, now see the light of day.
What better place to pick up these accessories than from the style diva’s own line of clothing, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories? These items can be purchased at department stores like Macy’s nationwide and online at Shop JLO
Read more about Jennifer here on and more about fall fashion at ALL For FALL

Jennifer Lopez to Star in Documentary

Friday, September 17th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio have joined forces to star in a special new documentary about a tragic 11-year-old wannabe actor.

Dustin Moraz, who was just 11 when he died of a terminal illness, spent much of his short life trying to become an actor and befriended many stars along the way.

His final wish was for filmmaker Giselle Fernandez to tell his story in a new TV film, to encourage more stars to boost he morale of Los Angeles’ sick kids.
The movie, Our Story, also follows generous stars like Lopez as she spends time with sick kids from Los Angeles’ Children’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, Lopez will be honoured for the time she has dedicated to kids from the hospital at a gala next month.

Read More about the movie at the Irish Examiner

Jennifer – Fed Up With Things Being “Blown UP” By The Press

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

“Jennifer Lopez has decided to remain silent about her marriage to salsa star Marc Anthony, because she’s fed up seeing her exploits blown out of proportion in the press.

Lopez made fellow New Yorker Anthony her third husband when she exchanged nuptials with him in a low-key ceremony on 5 June. The wedding was followed by a number of weeks away from official engagements as a couple.

But now that they’ve both stepped out and publicly shown they’re affection, they’re refusing to speak about it, which Lopez’s representative Leslie Sloane Zelnick insists is “her own prerogative”.

Sloane Zelnick says: “Things get blown up by the press, and there’s some things in life she wants to keep private. This is the way she wants to live her life.”
Read More At Irish Examiner

Affleck Using JLo’s Trainer

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

BEN AFFLECK refuses to make life easy for former fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ following their acrimonious break-up in January (04) – he’s now trying to poach her personal trainer.

The DOGMA star has already booked J.Lo’s fitness coach GUNNAR PETERSON for several sessions and friends claim he will not rest until he has lured Petterson away from his ex.

One insider tells Britain’s DAILY MIRROR newspaper, “Ben and Jen haven’t crossed paths because she’s been in Miami with husband MARC ANTHONY. But once she’s back in LA it will be crazy.

“I can’t imagine she’ll be delighted to discover her ex is working out at her gym. Of all the trainers Ben could use, it’s hilarious that he picked Gunnar.”

But it’s unlikely that the JENNY FROM THE BLOCK diva will give up Peterson without a fight – she’s reportedly so committed to her sessions with him that she gets up at 4.45am every morning for hour-long workouts.

Source: Contact Music

Driver Regrets Turning Down “Wedding Planner”

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

Actress MINNIE DRIVER regrets snubbing JENNIFER LOPEZ’s role in THE WEDDING PLANNER, even though the film was mauled by critics.

The British beauty was offered the lead role in the 2001 romantic comedy alongside MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY, but turned it down because she found the plot uninspiring.

But Driver admits she missed out on a massive pay cheque.

She says, “I turned down that Jennifer Lopez film where she’s the wedding planner.

“I just didn’t fancy it. I probably made a mistake – I would have a lot of money.”

Source: Contact Music