Judd Praises Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Cris Judd has praised his former wife for finally bowing out of the spotlight with her latest romance.

The singer and actress had a highly-publicised relationship with rap mogul Sean ‘P DIDDY’ Combs’ before marrying dancer Judd and then embarking on a headline-grabbing engagement to Hollywood actor Ben Affleck.

But now that Lopez is married to salsa superstar Marc Anthony, Judd is glad to see she’s avoiding the press.

He says, “I know she should use this time right now to find herself. This moment, being out of the spotlight, is very good for her.”

One Response to “Judd Praises Lopez”

  1. david ramos says:

    I just read chris judd’s comment on jlo and i
    always said and still to this day that i liked him and jennifer together they made a hot ass couple he’s hot and of course without a doubt she is a beauty goddes… i really wish they would’ve lasted but everything happens for a reason right? i guess, so all ya people need to understand that jennifer lopez is a human being and goes through everyday life just like us but the only thing is she got the upper hand with the money and fame so instead of knocking her try to understand her cause i do and never met her.She for what i know is a really genuine person and a very real person.
    I give her mad respect for being a women in the buisness making a living to entertain us and wich she does really well at.so much respect to the puertorican DIVA JENNIFER LOPEZ miss sex symbol.
    -Stay sexy Jen
    Forever Your #1 Fan
    David Ramos Jr