Jessica Simpson Admires Jennifer Lopez

According to Contact Music Jessica Simpson is full of admiration for Jennifer Lopez and considers the actress the biggest beauty in entertainment.
Jessica Simpson is amazed by the Latina superstar’s naturally good looks and “warm” personality.

Simpson says, “Jennifer Lopez has the best looks in showbiz.

“She’s so voluptuous and yet I don’t think she comes across as intimidating to women. I mean she’s completely beautiful, even without make-up.

“I remember one time she sat down with me and she didn’t have any make-up on and I was like, ‘Woah. You’re just incredible.

“And there’s really something so warm and inviting about her and I Iove that.”

5 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Admires Jennifer Lopez”

  1. Lolly_Boy says:

    Jessica, i was so happy and u admired jlo. I luv jlo so much, even now she’s not very popular.
    Out on the floor is good song. Y did sony said it’s a rough mix?
    HERE’s a hint:
    Y not search for 500 listeners and let them judge if OUT ON THE FLOOR should be jlo’s nxt album.

    JLO I LUV U!

  2. 100af says:

    luv her soooo much..y doesn’t her album come sooner…we R w8ing 4 her…still
    luv her
    so much
    tell her that she has a real san…it’s 100af!!!:D

  3. 100af says:

    i wrote san..i wanna write FAN..:D..sorry

  4. Anonymous says:

    maybe if she stopped getting married every five months to a different man, her popularity would go back up. she is just a huge , puerto rican slut. she is an embarassment to anybody from puerto rico, or from the bronx.

  5. david ramos says:

    I Was reading some of the comments about Jlo On this site, I myself think Jennifer Lopez Is GOD’s GIFT to this planet come on people you got to give props to where props is due dont HATE cause when you say stuff like she’s a slut or say she’s not all that, i and others iam sure know that, thats Hating and iam sure we ALL know that JLO is defineatly Not an ugly women she is F#Cking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Girls stop the hate and participate ya know
    that she got ya with her looks just dont waste time hating be like normal people and admire the beauty i mean its not like you dont alrady know, its just ya cant take it with JLO being the sexiest women alive and hey not to mention she is PUERTORICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C-ya later haters…