Jennifer Lopez- Working Hard to Keep JLo Clothing Line Sexy

JENNIFER LOPEZ wanted designers to keep one thing in mind when they were putting her clothing line together – it had to be sexy.

The singer and actress has been enjoying success with her J.LO BY JENNIFER LOPEZ collection, and she hopes all the women who buy her clothes feel highly desirable in them.

She says, “I wanted to create a collection that mixed contrasting elements with different personalities, along the lines of ‘girl meets boy’. Think shrunken blazers with faded denims, slouchy sweaters with flirty minis.

“I constantly remind our designers to ask, ‘Is this sexy?’ It’s not about a midriff-baring top or a micromini. You can be sexy rocking an oversized poncho and hot jeans.

“It’s important to me that our girl knows she can go out, find a sick new look and not break the bank.”

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7 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez- Working Hard to Keep JLo Clothing Line Sexy”

  1. a_pussy_cat_19 says:

    J LO u’re the best girl!

  2. Ariesa says:

    I saw the cutest new mary jane style shoes that had a funky curved in wedge heel, someone told me that they were jlo’s design, is this true? if so where can I find them?

  3. Gina says:

    JLO damn girl you rock i tottally have respect for and i love your taste in fashion i defintattly would wanna be like you!

  4. ropy says:

    id like kno all bout jlopez clothes&way of being fit all ztime.also like 2 kno where&how can i buy from her clothes parade

  5. Ashlee says:

    Hi Jlo u r so freekin cute… And ur flavor is HOT… i like ur music its different but i still like it heres a suggestion keep it up!!!

  6. tuyen says:

    hey there grl you are doing very good at what you want…and ki love your style of fashion!

  7. India Green says:

    JLo i love your clothing line and my family too just keep making sexy clothes for your fans. Thank you so much India Green you #1 fan