Mom, Guadalupe, Still Gambling In Atlantic City

Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, was seen last Friday in Atlantic City again at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa – playing the same slot machine that won her $2.1 million a few months ago. After leaving the Borgata she went to restaurant Old Homestead steakhouse for a sirloin and some wine. One visitor at the restaurant was quoted as saying, “[Guadalupe] said she doesn’t like Marc Anthony and said she far preferred Ben Affleck.”

4 Responses to “Mom, Guadalupe, Still Gambling In Atlantic City”

  1. Brian says:

    I don’t think she said that. First of all why in the heck would Mrs. Lopez be talking about her feelings towards Marc just after gambeling – and she sure as heck wouldn’t let the public hear about her feelings. The quote is bogus.

  2. anay says:

    I total agree. That’s just really doesn’t sound right she knows how that it’ll be presented in the press and what evr the press get’s turns it into a major thing, so i don’t think she’ll want her daughter to go through that right now. So that is just pure lies.

  3. CzarCastic says:

    It probably is. It was mentioned on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” too though.

  4. Joy1282 says:

    I saw it on VH1 last night too.