Lopez Childproofs Miami Home

Thanks to Joy for this news submission!

Now that Jennifer is a step-mom of three children, she’s had to take measures to make sure her home is a safe environment for the children when they visit.

“Jennifer’s Miami digs were her ultimate bachelorette pad. But now that she’s going to be a stepmom – as well as hopefully a mother herself – she’s transforming the place from a party pad to a family home.”

3 Responses to “Lopez Childproofs Miami Home”

  1. anay says:

    Oh my god marc has total changed her, but i hope she’ll be happy with the changes she’s making with her life. Maybe this is ti for jenny she’s actually gonna settle down.

  2. Brian says:

    Jennifer has always wanted to have a family of her own – now she has one. This is a great time for her – She’s almost ready for her fourth album to come out, and she’s getting the family she wanted.

  3. kassandra says:

    is jlo having a baby?