Noa and Judd On “Cristina” and In-Style Photo Shoot Details

Thanks to Mel and Joy for these submissions.

Noa and Judd On “Cristina” Show
Ojani Noa and Cris Judd were recently on Univision’s “Cristina” show together, talking about Lopez as well as their own plans. More can be read here.

In-Style Photo Shoot Details
Extra-TV recently talked with Juliano de Rossi from the In-Style magazine photo shoot, saying “She’s super nice and extremely friendly to the crew.” Read more here and watch the video clip.

5 Responses to “Noa and Judd On “Cristina” and In-Style Photo Shoot Details”

  1. Mel says:

    Ojani and Cris are so stupid!!! I didn’t expect Cris to stoop this low cos he has a career. I’m not suprised at Ojani though!, he’s been leeching of jens success for 7 years! Ojani needs to get a real job cos for the rest of his life he’s only ever gonna be known as J.lo’s ex! If I was jen I’d say to them “GET OVER IT!, YOU PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR MEN!!!”

  2. anay says:

    I total agree. Ojani I think what’s a bit of the glamour and attention but i’m telling u he ain’t gonna get, his just still mad that jenny didn’t help him with his modeling job get him to stardom lke hers. And for Cris i didnn’t think that he’ll actually go but i heared he didn’t say anything bad right.His just so quite (sorrry i just had to say that)
    I don’t have that channel so i couldn’t watch it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think dat ojani and cris r bare dumb and just want to make money b coz dey gt married to her … dey both should just get lost and leave to live in peace

  4. bud says:

    i think she loved them both and still cares about them but she moved on and i dont think that ojani and cris should talk about jlo unless shes there. come on give her some privacy guys let her b free and who she is! she looks like a nice girl and very intelligent 2 !

  5. anay says:

    yeah but ojani has this thing with jen i don’t know how explain to u guys but, you know if u wish u where someone else and mad that u didn’t get something and that person did, hold up jealosy that’s ojani for u he even has a book coming out about him and how j.lo acts. i hope it flops. Big time