JLo on “Inside The Actors Studio”

Jennifer Lopez will be on “Inside The Actors Studio” on October 10th, which airs on the Bravo Network.

And don’t forget she’s also presenting at the VMAs on August 29th on MTV! Keep voting for Jennifer for the Viewer’s Choice Award here!

8 Responses to “JLo on “Inside The Actors Studio””

  1. twilight says:

    everyone better be voting like crazy!!!!!!!
    especially the people at jlo.net:)

  2. Luis says:

    Cool! jen on ITAS seems very interesting…

  3. az_chico says:

    i cant wait to see how she looks at the VMAs and everybody dont stop voting!!!

  4. anay says:

    I hope this web site will have the interview to download coz i don’t have the channels to watch it. Damn it’s so anfair

  5. Mel says:

    Me too! If anyone knows where the transcript would be, please respond! Thanks

  6. pleadthe5th says:

    nothing against j-lo, because of all the oscar’s she has won, but this show is for the elite actors. robert redford, john travolta, mel gibson,etc. and to have j-lo on there? maybe it was a typo, it was “punked” not the ” inside the actors studio”. i’m out

  7. mel says:

    She was the first latino or something to be on it. She totally deserves to be on it.

  8. gi says:

    i love jen