Jen Newsbits and Articles

Thanks for these submissions Joy.

Desperately Seeking J.Lo
This article from ExtraTV entails what Jennifer and Marc are doing these days since they aren’t very high-publicity as “Bennifer” once was. Marc has been seen on the set of “Monster-In-Law” while Jennifer is busy filming. Read more here.

A similar article from USAToday also lists what Marc and Jennifer have been up to recently – including their upcoming film collaboration, the children, and more. Read the full article here.

‘Jennifer Lopez’ Makes It Into Investopedia
Apparently her name is now a stock/investing term. Click here to read the definition.

5 Responses to “Jen Newsbits and Articles”

  1. Mel says:

    Does anyone know if jen will be in the uk version of ‘in style’ and ‘marie claire’. I know they use different stuff for the different countries, but will she still be on the cover? If anyone has any idea, could you respond to this, thanks!

  2. Joy1282 says:

    I dont know and I even emailed the Mags UK Office to ask but have yet to get a response. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help Mel.
    Take care!

  3. Mel says:

    Thanks Joy, I really appreciate u doing that! I looked at this months ‘in style’ (aug issue) and it has beyonce on the cover here in the uk. I’ll just hope they’ll save j.lo for next month or something! Once again thankyou and God bless!

  4. anay says:

    Kate something is on the september cover i went and looked and searched but they said that it might come around December or October but their not sure it sucks for real. I really want ot read the magazine.

  5. mel says:

    yeah, I saw kate hudson on it too, also brad pitt is on the marie claire cover for the sept issue over here. I’ve been looking for transcripts of the interviews, but I cant find them anywhere on the web! Maybe she’ll be on them later cos shall we dance is out later over here than in america and those interviews were promo for the movie. I’m just hoping anyway! I emailed in style and they said I have to phone them to ask about the content of the mag! It totally sucks!