Rumors: Album Details Revealed: “Time Passes By”

We’ll let you decide if this is true or not:

Much thanks to AJ again for this! The “Let It Flow (On The Floor)” details seemed authentic, and this certainly does too. THIS IS A MUST READ!

Tentative tracklisting for album “Time Passes By” (Now changed to “Jennifer Lopez” apparently)

01. Bronx Bound Interlude
02. Let It Flow (On The Floor)
03. Stayed Too Long
04. Runaway (Duet with Marc Anthony)
05. Sway (Theme from Miramax Motion Picture “Shall We Dance”)
06. The Heat (Duet with Usher)
07. If Only You Knew
08. Time Passes By
09. Castle Hill Interlude
10. The Next Stop
11. Back And Forth
12. I’m Getting Used To You
13. Juntos Tu Y Yo
14. Sacudimiento (Sway)
15. Aye Que Calor
16. Last Stop Interlude

AJ also told us 10 out 13 of the songs were co-written by Jennifer Lopez, with the other 3 being the interludes obviously. Writing credits goes to Corey Rooney, Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Marc Anthony, Walter Afanasieff and Diane Warren.

Album producers: Corey Rooney, Walter Afanasieff, Rich Shelton, Troy Oliver and Marc Anthony.

More “Sway” Info:
“Sway” will the end-title song for the “Shall We Dance” soundtrack. “Let It Flow (On The Floor)” was going to be released on the soundtrack as well, but at the last minute, it was decided to not be included in the film or soundtrack. “Sway” will not be released as a single either. Miramax representatives said they did not want another “Gigli” or “Bennifer” image to haunt the movie or soundtrack. If you didn’t know, Jennifer recorded “Baby I Love U!” for the “Gigli” soundtrack, but Sony would not release the track to the producers, which meant it was going to be added to her “This Is Me…Then” CD.

“Let It Flow (On The Floor)” Info:
As it looks, “Let It Flow” is what we in the record industry call a prerelease single. It’s a single to sort of test the waters. Basically, Epic released the song to the Internet to find out just how many people downloaded it and requested it on the radio. So far, according to Kazaa, 3,498 people downloaded the file on their network. That is not counting other websites who posted the single. The single leaked is the pre-mastered version. A mastered version of the single, duration 3:32, will be “leaked” in 2 weeks. The male back-up vocalist is Paul Anthony, from the Full Force gang. If you didn’t know, the track samples the hook of “I Wonder If I Take You Home” from the 80’s spanish club group Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

“Let It Flow” video and Album Photo Shoot Info:
At this time, according to Jenny’s management team, there is no video for the song, unless it makes its way to high market radio stations, i.e., New York, Miami, Chicago, and LA. If and when there is a video filmed, it most likely will be directed by McG, who expressed an interest. Photo shoot for the album will be taking place in August, courtesy of Patrick Demarchelier.

SonyBMG will be promoting the hell out of this new CD, as it is the last CD under the old Epic/Sony contract that Jennifer has. As of today, we have not received word if she will resign. I do know that she was offered a new 3 album contract that included a “vanity” label and music production company. I do know she is shopping around. Warner Bros. also offered the same, but more money of course. So as soon as I find out, I will let you guys know.

Well, that’s the word from AJ! Credit goes to them for this plethora of information!

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  1. sphinx says:

    Hooray for AJ! Thanks so much for the info.

  2. Chris says:

    just one question: who is AJ?…

  3. AJ says:

    AJ is me. AJ from Sony Music, Latin America. I handle all PR press on the Latin America side. All info I send to this site is true. You can quote me. Sad that the other websites didn’t get this info, because there isn’t any other website I like besides this one. Keep on reading!!

  4. Chris says:

    AJ what’s source? and why this info isn’t on and I wanna know Marc Anthony said that Jennifer is releasing a 100% spanish album next year and you have different information? But You say that there is a english/spanish album coming up

  5. AJ says:

    Hi-It’s AJ again! My source, you ask? My source is ME. I work in the Public Relations Dept. (PR) of Sony Music. And it wouldn’t be on her official site, since it’s not supposed to be leaked. I mean, I could stop sending stuff to this site. And I never said that there was going to be a spanish/english album. You must have read that from another fansite. I did say that Sway was going to be recorded in English and Spanish. Which it was. Although SWAY is re-recorded to have a more spanish feel to it, instead of the pop sound it has now. As far as I know, Jennifer will NOT be releasing any full-length spanish album. In order for her to do that, she’d need to take spanish lessons since reading it and speaking it and singing it are 3 diffrent things. Things she sort of lacks in. So, there ya have it. Any more question, throw it at me. I’d be happy to answer.

  6. Samir says:

    Hello AJ.. So, u mean this quote from Marc Anthony he did in Spain is false? :

    MA: I like to work with people I know. Right now I am producing a record a hundred percent in Spanish she will publish next year. And we aslo sung together for a Miramax film.

    This interview was published in a NY newspaper.

    And I was wondering fi there’s any realese date for Jen’s album? And do u have link to at least a preview of the Salsa Version of Escapemonos?

  7. Samir says:

    14. Sacudimiento (Sway)

    AJ, shouldn’t this be called “Quien Sera”?

    And, your very welcome to the most popular Jennifer Lopez forum on the net!! We are discussing this as I write.. Just scroll down and click on “Jennifer Lopez”.. 😉

  8. JLoFan says:

    Hey AJ. Can you tell us when Jennifer will release the album or her first single? Thx

  9. CzarCastic says:

    Chris, why are you wondering about that when it clearly says on the *official* web site an album will be out by Christmas? That’s only 5 months away and it’s about time for information to come out.

    Samir: Thanks and nothing against BB, but we also have our own forums here which we are also trying to get started and spamming that one here isn’t very courteous when we have put much effort into ours. The red on BB also blinds me 🙂

  10. Samir says:

    I know, but It can never be like BB, that’s like the offical J.Lo fan forum.. hehe

  11. CzarCastic says:

    Not if you don’t give it a chance. I’m not asking everyone to move over here or anything like that or even attempting to replicate theirs at all. I think our forum is unique, but thanks for the words of encouragement….

  12. Samir says:

    True.. 😉

    But, where did AJ go? Why isn’t he answering anymore..

  13. Joy1282 says:

    I really appreciated the information, but about a month ago I heard Christina Milian on the radio doing an interview promoting “Dip It Low” and she said that she was writing for Jennifer’s new album and going to be doing a lot of work hand in hand with Jennifer on the new project. I was wondering if these songs never came to be or might be added later or what? Christina said that Jennifer liked her writing because she kept it fresh and that they worked really well together. I would be really interested in knowing more about this.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Samir – Marc Anthony did say he was going to be working on an all spanish language album for Ms. Lopez, but we here at Sony Music have not heard of any release date for it. Because she is no longer under contract with Sony, it might take time for the spanish album to be released. If she does re-sign with Sony, the album might see the light sometime in the spring. Also, “Sway/Sacudimiento” is the tentative title. As of right now, it has not been changed. Usually during translations, a song title can be dramatically diffrent from the original English title. Chris – the relase date on the caldendar at Sony is December 7th. The second single might be “The Next Stop.” A calendar release will be November 9th. That was the track that was co-written and produced by P. Diddy. Remember, calendar dates always change. “Let It Flow” was the first single/pre-release.
    Joy – Christina Milian co-wrote 2 tracks on the album: “The Heat” and “Stayed Too Long.” She also wrote “Lay Next To Me.” That track was not included in the track listing for the US version. Look for it on the imports. Any more questions, ask! 🙂

  15. AJ says:

    Sorry-the above post was by me, AJ. 🙂

  16. CzarCastic says:

    Thanks for all the info AJ, even if there are some non-believers 🙂

  17. AJ says:

    You’re welcome Czar. But I think I shouldn’t post anything else. I dont want to get caught. They were looking at Jen sites today. I hope they dont come across this one. LOL. Who cares!!! One last thing: “Time Passes By” is now “Jennifer Lopez.” Try that one on for size. Why they changed it, I DONT KNOW. I’ll keep ya posted.

  18. Joy1282 says:

    Thanks so much for all the information and the fast response!! I am so excited about this album and appreciate so much you taking the time AJ and to share this information with all of us. ~Take care and God bless~

  19. JLo Fan Forever says:

    Hey AJ tell me when is Jennifer’s album premiere and when first single came ????? Please response

  20. Samir says:

    Thank you very much AJ! You made my day! 😀 Please keep us posted on Jen.. 😉

    And JLo Fan Forever, AJ already answered you.. go read..

  21. JLo Fan Forever says:

    Where AJ answered this ?

  22. AJ says:

    JLO Fan Forever – The second single might be “The Next Stop.” A calendar release will be November 9th. That was the track that was co-written and produced by P. Diddy. Remember, calendar dates always change. “Let It Flow” was the first single/pre-release.

  23. Chris says:

    Thank You for this information AJ I know think it’s true because you give a lot of details

  24. JLo Fan Forever says:

    I think is your information is true 🙂

  25. Samir says:

    Anything new today AJ? 🙂

  26. mel says:

    How do you know the full track listing? I thought she was still recording the album…I don’t think I’ll beleive this stuff until the album comes out. Thanks anyway, AJ.

  27. Anon says:

    Aj, why are you leaking this stuff?

  28. AJ says:

    Mel – Everyone who records an album has to have a set list before they begin recording. The set list may change as the album progresses. New tracks can be added. Others can be omitted. Sometimes it stays the same. The list I provided was a copy of the set list on file. That DOES NOT MEAN she is finished recording. Like I said yesterday, she is re-recording SWAY.

    Anon – I am not leaking, per say. I am giving out information for the fans. Weather they choose to believe it or not, it is up to them.

    I did, however, decide that I will not be posting anymore on this site. I will give my information to another website. Hope you guys enjoy reading what was already posted. Be on the lookout for more information!!!

  29. JLo Fan Forever says:

    Aj wrote : “I will give my information to another website” which website AJ ???

  30. Javier says:

    I love the song out on the floor, and I cant WAIT to get her next album coming out this fall/winter……and happy birthday jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 24, 2004 age 35 yeah my girl is gettin old but beautiful

  31. Mel says:

    Is jen 34 or 35 today?

  32. Anon says:

    Can you tell us what the new sound is like? Is it more ‘on the 6’ or ‘j.lo’ or ‘this is me…then’? I know you said ur not coming back the the site, but please answer if you do 🙂

  33. AJ says:

    Anon-The only track I heard was THE HEAT. And I gotta say, IT KICKS ASS!!!! It’s very hip-hopish, with a latin flavour of course. I do have a snippet of it for anyone who wants to hear it. Or you can find it here when I have the full version.

  34. itay says:

    please put here 30 of the song!!!!
    we are very want to hear it!!!!

  35. Anon says:

    Thanks Aj!!! We’d all love to hear the song! Is ‘the heat’ a duet with usher?

  36. Mike says:

    Yes we would love to hear The Heat!
    The Title is cool anyway, but now we want to hear to whole thing!

    Can we hear?
    or Can u send me?

    Is there allready more info?


  37. az_chico says:

    i believe aj and i cant wait till the new album comes out im soo excited!! i hope it has more get low dance songs on it

  38. Samir says:

    AJ, I can not tell you how much I appriciate you telling this!! Thank you so much!

    And please! If you have a sound clip, or the full version of “The Heat” please post it!
    So, It’s 100% official that Jen did a duet with Usher?

  39. angela says:

    AJ can u tell us when is the album coming out???

  40. Samir says:

    READ for gods sake! He said it two times.. lol

  41. Rafael says:

    AJ its the biggest LIAR LIAR !
    Stop LIAR LIAR !

    And what happened with THE NEPTUNES, KANYE WEST, RICH HARRISON, songs ???

  42. Rafael says:

    “I’M GETTING USED TO YOU” it’s a SELENA’s Song ,writtne by Diane Warren , and was release like Single on 1996 !

    AJ (Liar,liar) this new cover it’s for the “SELENA TRIBUTE” on 2005 ??

  43. Mel says:

    This is so confusing! I don’t know who or what to beleive! Does Aj know jen personally or is he just a liar!?! I know that time will tell if its true or not, but 5 months is a long time!!! I wish would just tell us what’s going on!

  44. AJ says:

    Mr. Rafael – If you raed my entries CAREFULLY, it says “among others” as writting credits. The writers I posted are just a few. I didn’t put all of them. I wish you and everyone else would read things before calling someone a liar. Kayne West is NOT on the writers credit list. SORRY! As far as “I’m Getting Used To You,” it is NOT the Selena song. It’s just a song with the same title. That happens a lot in the music business. Furthermore, Selena’s label DID NOT release “I’m Getting Used To You.” Please get your facts straight. The only singles to be released by the lable from the Selena English album were “Dreaming Of You,” “I Could Fall In Love” and “Baila Esta Cumbia (Reggae/Techno Mix).” See, I do my homework.

    Mel – I DO NOT know Jennifer personally. As I mentioned BEFORE, I work in the PR (Public Relations) department of Sony, the label that she is recording for.

  45. Samir says:

    AJ, please, could u post a link to a clip of “The Heat”?

  46. Samir says:

    Also, do you have the uncensored, or mastered version of On The Floor?

  47. AJ says:

    You can download “Let It Flow” and “The Heat” here. ENJOY!

  48. sc88 says:

    where i can’t click anything and it’s not on the main page

  49. Samir says:

    Exactly AJ.. hehe u forgot the link? 😉

  50. Anonymous says:

    We don’t have any proof that Aj’s telling the truth or not. Even though I am grateful for the info I feel that there is somehting wrong with all this. I just don’t understand why somebody would put their job on the line like this.

  51. Rafael says:

    “AJ” you’re the biggest LIAR,LIAR !


  52. RAFAEL says:

    AJ & SAMIR ,I’m Fan of SELENA from 1995 and I know her SINGLES Story!

    The singles from “DREAMING OF YOU” Album was:
    -I Could Fall In Love
    -Dreaming Of You
    -I’m Getting Used To You

    And For the SPANISH Radios:
    -Tu Solo Tu
    -Techno Cumbia
    -El Toro Relajo

    The song “Baila Esta Cumbia (Reggae/Techno Mix)” isn’t on the Album and don’t exist any remix of “Baila Esta Cumbia” ok LIAR!
    The song “I’m Getting Used To You” was the 3rd single ,and was released on January 1996 with a Video and a CD-Single with Remixes of David Morales that I Have!

  53. JLo Fan Forever says:

    AJ you forgot the link to THE HEAT 🙁 ::( Please send it once again 🙂

  54. Neil Diamond says:

    Now AJ, said the the 1st single gonna be “I LOVE YOU” a Ballad Duet with “NEIL DIAMOND” !! The Producer it’s Kenye West !

    And the Release Date of the 4th Album it’s NOVEMBER 17th


  55. CzarCastic says:

    Rafael, can you please conduct yourself in a more professional manner? AJ has been very respectful to everyone here until you came along and started flaming them. If you don’t believe what they are saying, then move on or contribute something useful to the topic at hand. Thanks.

  56. Chris says:

    Rafeal, Thanks to you he maybe wont give any information now

    I agree with CzarCastic

  57. Samir says:

    *Slapping myself for giving this adress to rafael*

    That’s the last time I trust you! And I’m blocking you on MSN..

    Please, AJ, Don’t bother those stupid phsycos, we appriciate your info very much, please continue! 😉

  58. rafael says:

    SAMIR how can you trust in this kind of People!

  59. rafael says:

    I’m not a BAD People, I just can’t believe this INFO.
    I’m 100% Sure it’s FAKE !
    But I’m sorry with AJ, I hope he go on put his dreams here!

  60. AJ says:

    Sorry that it has been a while since I posted anything. Someone on Sony found out. Owell – At least now I can report the truth.

    Dear Rafael – Thank you for the vast info of Selena. I enjoyed it very much. I admit, I was wrong posting bad info of Selena singles. But what do I know? I am not that much of a fan. And as far as dreams, it’s all comin true. See, I met her. I’ve worked with her. You just read about her and DREAM about her. No offense.

    Anyway, like I said before, there are a lot of doubters out there, but hey, they will see I was telling the truth from the get-go.

    Mr. Diamond – I NEVER SAID “I LOVE YOU” was going to be on the album. Thats not even on the list. I really hope this was a jokie-joke. 🙂

    Samir – No need to slap yourself for giving Rafael the link. Everyone has their right to pos their opinions.

    Anyway – sorry I didnt post the link right. I guess it didnt work. Anyone who wants the MP3’s may e-mail me at Even Rafael.

    As far as new news – SWAY has finished mastering. It’s excellent. Think of it like Madonna’s remix of DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA, but with more kick. 🙂 And yes kids, she added it to the line-up of the tracks on the album. Sad, huh?

    Good reading everyone!!!

  61. CzarCastic says:

    Can you send it to us? And by us, I mean 🙂

    We’ve contacted you before, so you should have our e-mail. Thanks.

  62. Anonymous says:

    AJ can you send me back as soon possible, check your inbox 😉

  63. rafael says:


    But what MP3 is?
    Please let us a Preview of “SWAY” !!! PLEASE

    *And what song gonna be the 1st Single ?

  64. Chris says:

    It’s chris again, I send you a e-mail and and say that you don’t have a email-account…

    Maybe I am wrong but here are my emailadresses

    please send me the tracks 😉

  65. AJ says:

    Chris – the email address is KINETICNUYORICAN@YAHOO.COM. I forgot the “u.” Anyone who wants to hear the snippets of “Sway,” “Let It Flow” and “The Heat” should e-mail me.

    Rafael – The first single was “Let It Flow.” Then will come “The Heat” if Miramax doesn’t release “Sway” as a single. If it does, “Sway” would be the second/first and then “The Heat.”

  66. Chris says:

    I have have send a mail to that adress

  67. mel says:

    Aj, will you be able to post those snippets on cos I haven’t got a very good computer! Could you also tell us if jen is planning a tour this year? Thankyou!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Hi Aj, I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble when you got found out! I was just wondering which song you think is better for the first release, ‘sway’ or ‘let it flow’?

  69. AJ says:

    I thinks it’s better for the 1st single ‘Back And Forth’, it’s THE NEPTUNES song, it’s amazing up Beat.

    i send the snippets tomorrow to everybody ok.

  70. rafael says:


    I can’t believe you NOTHING OF THIS !


  71. CzarCastic says:

    What is it with you and “Liar, liar?” No offense, but are you 12 or so? I’m just curious.

    And why the delay, AJ?

  72. AJ says:

    FIRST OF ALL – “I thinks it’s better for the 1st single ‘Back And Forth’, it’s THE NEPTUNES song, it’s amazing up Beat. i send the snippets tomorrow to everybody ok.” – I DID NOT POST THAT. Whoever thought it was funny posting something I did not say, is pathetic. Nonetheless, I speak English correctly, therefore, I write English correctly. The grammer on that post is not even correct. I do, however, believe that Rafael posted that up just so that he can go on his “Liar Liar” binge. He will not be getting anything from me.

    I haven’t been able to send anyone, for those who emailed me, anything because it is Sunday here in NYC. I do not work until Monday. Thats when I will send it.

    And yes, Czar, you may post it on I won’t get into any trouble.

    PS – Back and Forth is not produced by the Neptunes. The Neptunes were not even mentioned on the post I sent with the track listing. Get a life Rafael. It’s sad and pathetic that you have to stoop so low. We are all fans. Relax.

    Eat that while I cook you another!!!

  73. J.Lo Fan Forever says:

    A.J thank you fot the many information 🙂 😀

  74. miguel says:

    aj can u tell me what ur address is please so we can talk and what is ur favorite song on her new album. I believe you and i think u know stay on these web site to please.

  75. rafael says:

    Get a life Rafael. It’s sad and pathetic that you have to stoop so low. We are all fans. Relax.
    Eat that while I cook you another!!!

    *GET A LIFE AJ, Stop to be a LIAR
    We are FANS, We want to know REAL INFORMATION about JENNY!


    I’m Not a kid, but I’m refuse to Belive in your INFO, with that ridiculus TITLE of SONGS, and where is the MP3 ???? WHERE??

    The only REAL Boy is Me!

    sORRY But I’m a serious BOY and I can’t Believe in your Games !

  76. miguel says:

    AJ i think u know what your doing and i hope u dont get caught and i hope u can let us know more about jlo that would be asume. and thanks ffor all your info. i know people tell u things but i belive u and i can trust what u say!

  77. rafael says:

    I’m sorry AJ

    I understand you’re a FAN too
    I’m fan of J.Lo from 1996…..

    Thanks !

  78. Rafael says:

    Hey AJ this is Rafael, I’m sooo sorry I’d like to appologize from one J.Lo fan to another. I’m apart of other message boards and sometimes the information we obtain isn’t acurate. We’re all just anxious to get new J.Lo info LOL!!! Please accept my appology. Thanks for clearing up the whole “I’m getting used to you” situation.

    Peace out!!!

  79. rafael says:

    AJ you know something about “THE ONE” ???

    We supossed this song, gonna be the 4th single from “THIS IS ME…THEN”, but was “Baby I Love U!”.

    Why SONY decided this???
    And the Remix with Joe Budden and the video, really exist ?

    Exist a ARABIC REMIX of “LOVING YOU” too ?

  80. rafael says:

    Hey AJ this is Rafael, I’m sooo sorry I’d like to appologize from one J.Lo fan to another. I’m apart of other message boards and sometimes the information we obtain isn’t acurate. We’re all just anxious to get new J.Lo 4th Album Info LOL!!! Please accept my appology. Thanks for clearing up the whole “I’m getting used to you” situation.

    Peace out!!!

  81. woody13 says:

    “BACK AND FORTH” and “IF YOU ONLY KNEW” Aaliyah !!!!

  82. donjuanSELENAfan says:

    Selena fan here,
    just wanna stop by and say hi to all you J.Lo fans. Selena help J.Lo and J.Lo helped Selena, I’m glad they’ll be forever linked. 2 of the greatest latino Divas of our generation.

    Un abrazo y un beso,

  83. woody13 says:


    -ME & MY GIRLS


  84. AJ says:

    Miguel – My email address is You can email me and request for me to send you the mp3 files I have.

    Rafael – I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if you are a “real boy.” I don’t care if you are a fan. If you sent that apology post, I don’t care.

    I’ve had enough of the people here who think I am lying. Therefore, this will be my last post. For those who e-mailed me, I will send you the link of MY J.LO fan page that will start on Wednesday. There you will get a chance to listen, not download, the previews of some songs on the CD. You will also get some cool F.Y.I’s from J.Lo’s former manager, Benny Medina. There will also be a Q&A section for those with questions about J.Lo’s new CD. I hope you will enjoy my site. Thanks to NetworkSolutions for the hook-up!!!

    FYI – There was no video shot for the Baby I Love U remix with Joe Budden. There is no arabic mix either. Sometimes record labels change the song they will release to a song they think would get more airplay, therefore generating more album sales. That didn’t happen with Baby I Love U. Sony misjudged that one.

    WOODY13 – They may look like Aaliyah titles, but they aren’t cover versions. As I said in a previous post, many songs may have the same titles, but it doesnt mean they are the same ones you think of.

    For the webmasters of Jlo.Net – thanks for letting me post. It was fun. Here is the last bit of info I have for you:

    “Time Passes By” the original title to the CD has been changed to “Jennifer Lopez.” Albums can morph to diffrent names as it evolves. Expect another name change as the release date nears.

    Also, in the new track listing, “Sway” is not on it. It was replaced by a song called “Natural Sounds.” The track was written by Rainy Davis and Peter Kessler.

    Have fun guys!! Keep on posting! Join me on the Jennifer Lopez Fan Network!!!

  85. Chris says:

    I have send you a e-mail AJ I want a respond please 🙂

  86. Samir says:

    Thank You Very Much For Everything AJ!
    What’s the adress to your upcoming site? Or u can send me the adress on my mail!

    Thanx In Advance!

  87. JLo Fan Forever says:

    What’s the adress to your upcoming site ????
    The UK Relase Scheldue wrote the J.Lo album premiere will be in 22 november.

  88. AJ LIAR says:

    Also, in the new track listing, “Sway” is not on it. It was replaced by a song called “Natural Sounds.” The track was written by Rainy Davis and Peter Kessler.


  89. Samir says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

  90. mel says:

    Has he gone for good now? That was crazy! I hope she makes up a better name than ‘Jennifer lopez’ for the title 🙂

  91. J.Lo Fan Forever says:

    AJ What’s the adress to your upcoming site? ????

  92. CzarCastic says:

    Guys, calm down. I need to restore at least some sort of order here.

    J.Lo Fan Forever: you just asked that. And somebody even asked you right before that. *PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE REPLYING* Several of your questions have already been answered. AJ said he would e-mail you on Wednesday – never said anything about posting it here. Asking them 1000 times would push anyone over the cliff.

    Rafael: I’ve warned you once already. First you apologize, then you call them a “Liar, liar” again? These antics are getting old – either control yourself or risk being banned from commenting.

  93. PETUNIA says:


  94. AJ says:

    Just letting you guys know that the website is almost done. I will e-mail all that e-mailed me with the link to the site.

    I have few pictures from the David session. VERY HOT!!

    Thanks for everyone who emailed me.

    To the webmaster: I think Rafael transformed himself to Petunia. Although, I am not shocked from his name change, I am shocked that you haven’t blocked him yet. Just wanted to let ya know.

    The site will be up and running at 9pm Wednesday. Horray JLo Fan Network!!! 🙂

    PS – The site will have a user friendly interface. You must sign up in order to listen to the songs and view the pics. It will require an e-mail address. So, Rafael, don’t bother to sign up. I have blocked you from it. And I have blocked “Petunia” as well.

    Keep on posting!

  95. Samir says:


  96. PETUNIA says:

    Ain’t It funny !

  97. AJ says:

    Ok, the site is up and running. I will personally e-mail everyone that e-mailed me. Hope you enjoy what you see. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: 3 pictures from the Patrick photo session. Mastered version of Let It Flow. Snippets of Sway and The Heat. Just a reminder, you will need RealPlayer One to play the songs. It will take a full day to totally gain access to the site. A password will be emailed to you when you register as a user. Welcome everyone to the J.Lo Fan Network!

  98. alex says:

    the link?

  99. CzarCastic says:

    What is the JLo Fan Network? The name of the site? Why did you decide to start a web site anyway? On another note, I absolutely despise RealPlayer for several reasons 🙂

  100. Liar says:

    LIAR, other excuse, and EXCUSE !

    Wednesday, thursday …

  101. CzarCastic says:

    Rafael: You are now banned from commenting here.

  102. Samir says:

    WOHOO! Finally..

    AJ, send me the URL to your website as soon as possible please to my mail:

  103. maurice says:

    heej aj,
    please mail me the link of your page (! i can’t wait.

  104. itay says:

    AJ’ my email is please send me the link to your site as soon as possible!
    think you:-)

  105. CzarCastic says:

    AJ said to e-mail them and AJ even gave their e-mail address for you to e-mail to. So I don’t understand why you’re all posting your e-mail addresses here.

  106. Samir says:

    huh? I didn’t get that.. lol

    All I understand is that I haven’t got the link AJ’s site yet, like promised.. :/

  107. CzarCastic says:

    I don’t think posting your e-mail addresses here repeatedly will get AJ’s attention – unless you’re looking to get more spam 🙂

  108. Samir says:

    LOL Youre right.. I just hope AJ sends me the adress of his website soon! 🙂

  109. AJ says:

    To all that e-mailed me, PLEASE email me again. I accidently deleted the emails instead of saving them. I did manage to email a few people. So, the ones I emailed, if you know some of the people, email them the link. It would help me a lot. Again, I AM SORRY. I wasnt looking when I thought i was saving them. Again, those who emailed me, please re-email me. Thanks.

    Czar – The JLo Fan Network is the name of the Website. I chose that name because it will link my site with 2 others. I decided to do a webpage where I could monitor what goes on. I don’t need people like Rafael/Petunia to post foul language and negative remarks. This is a fan page. Sometimes the artists themselves read these pages. I wanted a positive fansite with information that people can use. Why do you hate RealPlayer? I think I might choose Windows Media Player.


  110. Samir says:

    I emailed you again AJ! 😉

  111. CzarCastic says:

    AJ: You don’t think we monitor this site enough? I give people the chance to say what they want, and in the case of Rafael, they are banned from commenting here in the future. There will always be people who have something bad to say – it’s a part of life. And I seriously doubt many artists visit fan web sites, especially JLo. I don’t think she’s that kind of person to spend an evening surfing the Internet.

    Regarding RealPlayer, I find the quality of audio/video not up to par. It also requires an extra download, whereas Windows Media Player comes pre-installed on most people’s computers. RealPlayer also tends to run a background process on your computer which has been linked to data collection.

    On another note, nobody has once e-mailed us regarding an offensive comment.

  112. maurice says:

    aj why don’t you post the link here, on by the way i mailed you again.

  113. toni says:

    did anyone get the link. i ‘ve emailed him for two times. still no link

  114. Samir says:

    This is crazy.. please AJ, I’ve done everything u said, please give the link to your site..

  115. AJ says:

    Hey guys!!! I got everyone’s email last night. I will email everyone the link tonight when I get home from work. HOLD YOUR HORSES SAMIR!!! It’s coming!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who emailed me. I appreciate it and appreciate you being patient.

    Czar – I just wanted to offer something diffrent to the public. My site just doesnt have Jlo info. It has other stuff as well. You will see. Again, I WILL EMAIL EVERYONE TONIGHT. Pleas be patient if I dont get to you quickly. i have over 140 emails to answer. So BE PATIENT. Thats all i ask. Thanks.

  116. toni says:

    you could post the link here. why don’t you do that?

  117. Samir says:

    Ok AJ! 😉 Please start from the bottom, with the ones that emailed you first.. lol

  118. maurice says:

    i’ve got still no e-mail from aj. come on mail me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. mel says:, why have you changed the title of this story from ”Exclusive…” to ”Rumours…”?

  120. toni says:

    i trusted a.j. i still didn’t get address. anyone got it???

  121. SC88 says:

    I hope he has a good reason for not mailing us yet. i’m waiting for it the whole day!

    (does anyone have the link already???):)

  122. CzarCastic says:

    We’ve changed it because AJ has had more than enough opportunities and time to e-mail at least one person the snippets or a link. AJ takes the time to post here telling us to wait another day, but they can’t spare 2 minutes to e-mail us the link to spread it? This constant waiting game only leads us to believe there is no web site, and until one magically materializes, I think keeping this as a rumor is appropriate.

    Other things strike us as odd or off:

    “Thanks to NetworkSolutions for the hook-up!!!”

    Network Solutions will give anyone a domain for paying them. Why would you need to thank them?

    Next: On August 1st, AJ posted this:
    “Anyway – sorry I didnt post the link right. I guess it didnt work.”

    This means AJ attempted to post the link, meaning the web site was complete. It is now August 7th, why the hold up?

    Next: AJ said Sony found out. Okay, but so what? You’re still here claiming you have snippets and they are on a web site floating around somewhere. If they really found out, wouldn’t you be stopping now?

    Just some food for thought for you guys.

  123. maurice says:

    yeah why doesn’t he post the ‘3 exclusive albumshoot pictures’ then?

  124. mel says:

    I also think there is somehthing dodgy going on, he ‘lost’ the adresses, the link ‘didn’t work’, I think he’s playing us guys.

  125. toni says:

    aj where are you?

  126. mel says:

    Yeah, aj where are you? Have you lost the adresses again?

  127. Marc says:

    Hey Guys! I have some questions! I am sorry for my bad english first, because I come from germany!
    I don`t what I can believe or not. And I don`t understand this “Let it flow” thing. It`s a pre-released single? What means that? Will this very cool song never be on a maxi-cd? I mean, surely there are a few more cool songs on the new album which will come out in february 2005, but this great song will be a pre-released single? I think that`s unfair. With this song Jen would have a big success in germany or in the US. And something else: I believe in this new album, but I am very sure, that AJ can`t have this great information. I can`t imagine that he can send you a link of “The Heat” or something. J.Lo is still working on this album and I know what I can believe or not. But can someone tell what what about “Si ya se acabo” Maxi-CD? Is this spanish song released somewhere? Maybe in Spain? I mean, is this Maxi-CD somewhere in stores?

    Thank you all, I love this site

  128. Marc says:

    And something else: I am very happy about all the information from AJ. BUT: I slowly loose my believe in him.

    Thank you

  129. Marc says:

    Are there some people outthere how own the special edition of the “J.Lo”-Album? With 3 Bonus Tracks? I bought it a few days before and I am very happy about the new songs “Pleasure is mine” and “I`m waiting”.
    “I`m waiting” sounds like “Play” and “Pleasure is mine” sounds like a mid-tempo song with a amazing voice!
    It`s just great..I don`t know how, but maybe can put this songs into the “Mp3” corner.
    It`s just cool..

    Thank you all

  130. B says:

    This is for Marc. “Si Ya Se Acabo” is a song that is on Jennifer’s second albumn “JLo.” The song is track # 15 on the US albumn. I don’t know if the song appears on the albumns that were released in Europe and internationally. I hope you get this message, I would like to know more about the songs that you were able to get on a special edition CD. You can e-mail me at

  131. Megan Ellis says:


  132. Ned says:

    Is there a spanish album coming out in 2006?