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Jennifer and Marc Movie

Friday, July 30th, 2004


Superstar Jennifer Lopez is planning to star in the screen version of Puerto Rican jazz superstar Hector Lavoe’s life story – alongside new husband Marc Anthony.

J.Lo, 34, is keen to co-star with her salsa singer spouse in the big screen biopic, despite the critical mauling she received when she appeared opposite her previous beau Ben Affleck in Gigli last year.

Lopez says, “Lavoe’s kind of like a Billie Holiday, a tragic singer. It’s a love story between a husband and wife.”

Looks like they will be appearing together on screen. Then again they also say Jennifer is 34 🙂

Mom, Guadalupe, Still Gambling In Atlantic City

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, was seen last Friday in Atlantic City again at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa – playing the same slot machine that won her $2.1 million a few months ago. After leaving the Borgata she went to restaurant Old Homestead steakhouse for a sirloin and some wine. One visitor at the restaurant was quoted as saying, “[Guadalupe] said she doesn’t like Marc Anthony and said she far preferred Ben Affleck.”

Lopez Childproofs Miami Home

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Thanks to Joy for this news submission!

Now that Jennifer is a step-mom of three children, she’s had to take measures to make sure her home is a safe environment for the children when they visit.

“Jennifer’s Miami digs were her ultimate bachelorette pad. But now that she’s going to be a stepmom – as well as hopefully a mother herself – she’s transforming the place from a party pad to a family home.”

MTV Viewer’s Choice Award

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez’s “Baby I Love U!” video didn’t get enough votes for the MTV VMA Viewer’s Choice Award nomination. People now have a choice of 40 videos in which playoffs will now occur until there are only 5 videos left. In addition, Lopez appears to longer be attending the VMAs or presenting.

Maybe next year!

JLo on “Inside The Actors Studio”

Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Jennifer Lopez will be on “Inside The Actors Studio” on October 10th, which airs on the Bravo Network.

And don’t forget she’s also presenting at the VMAs on August 29th on MTV! Keep voting for Jennifer for the Viewer’s Choice Award here!

Noa and Judd On “Cristina” and In-Style Photo Shoot Details

Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Thanks to Mel and Joy for these submissions.

Noa and Judd On “Cristina” Show
Ojani Noa and Cris Judd were recently on Univision’s “Cristina” show together, talking about Lopez as well as their own plans. More can be read here.

In-Style Photo Shoot Details
Extra-TV recently talked with Juliano de Rossi from the In-Style magazine photo shoot, saying “She’s super nice and extremely friendly to the crew.” Read more here and watch the video clip.

Gigli wins award

Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Gigli tied The Passion of the Christ for “Stupidest Movie of the Year” at the 2004 World Stupidity Awards Friday in Montreal. Other nominees were Mary-Kate and Ashley’s theatrical debut New York Minute, global warming thriller The Day After Tomorrow, and Scooby Doo 2.

This was the 2nd annual World Stupidity Awards which is part of the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. Last year’s winner in the movie category was Kangaroo Jack.

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lopez today – who is now 35!

Jen Newsbits and Articles

Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Thanks for these submissions Joy.

Desperately Seeking J.Lo
This article from ExtraTV entails what Jennifer and Marc are doing these days since they aren’t very high-publicity as “Bennifer” once was. Marc has been seen on the set of “Monster-In-Law” while Jennifer is busy filming. Read more here.

A similar article from USAToday also lists what Marc and Jennifer have been up to recently – including their upcoming film collaboration, the children, and more. Read the full article here.

‘Jennifer Lopez’ Makes It Into Investopedia
Apparently her name is now a stock/investing term. Click here to read the definition.

JLo Lingerie Launch Preview

Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Bare Necessities has a nice preview up of JLo’s upcoming Lingerie line. You can preview some of the items as well as view a clip of Jennifer herself introducing the line. I recommend watching it – it’s quite informative.

Click here to visit!

Si Ya Se Acabo Maxi CD

Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Another day, another download available.

01 – Jennifer Lopez – Si Ya Se Acabo (Radio Remix) – MP3/192kbps/3:40/5.1MB
02 – Jennifer Lopez – Si Ya Se Acabo (Extended Remix) – MP3/192kbps/4:19/6.1MB
03 – Jennifer Lopez – Si Ya Se Acabo (Album Edit) – MP3/192kbps/3:39/5.1MB
04 – Jennifer Lopez – Play (Full Intention Radio Mix) – MP3/192kbps/3:19/4.6MB
05 – Jennifer Lopez – Play (Album Version Edit) – MP3/192kbps/3:32/4.9MB

No direct linking. Enjoy!

Vote For Jennifer at the VMAs!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004

Okay, let’s keep the news rolling! Thanks to Justin for this:

Jennifer Lopez is on the pre-nomination poll on MTV for the VMA’s. Jen is presenting so it’d be awesome if everyone could vote as much as possible so she’s a least nominated for the “Viewer’s Choice Award” – hopefully even win!

Vote here!

After you’ve voted, you can hit Back in your browser and Jennifer should still be selected. So simply click Submit again and repeat to vote several times.

Rumors: Album Details Revealed: “Time Passes By”

Monday, July 19th, 2004

We’ll let you decide if this is true or not:

Much thanks to AJ again for this! The “Let It Flow (On The Floor)” details seemed authentic, and this certainly does too. THIS IS A MUST READ!

Tentative tracklisting for album “Time Passes By” (Now changed to “Jennifer Lopez” apparently)

01. Bronx Bound Interlude
02. Let It Flow (On The Floor)
03. Stayed Too Long
04. Runaway (Duet with Marc Anthony)
05. Sway (Theme from Miramax Motion Picture “Shall We Dance”)
06. The Heat (Duet with Usher)
07. If Only You Knew
08. Time Passes By
09. Castle Hill Interlude
10. The Next Stop
11. Back And Forth
12. I’m Getting Used To You
13. Juntos Tu Y Yo
14. Sacudimiento (Sway)
15. Aye Que Calor
16. Last Stop Interlude

AJ also told us 10 out 13 of the songs were co-written by Jennifer Lopez, with the other 3 being the interludes obviously. Writing credits goes to Corey Rooney, Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Marc Anthony, Walter Afanasieff and Diane Warren.

Album producers: Corey Rooney, Walter Afanasieff, Rich Shelton, Troy Oliver and Marc Anthony.

More “Sway” Info:
“Sway” will the end-title song for the “Shall We Dance” soundtrack. “Let It Flow (On The Floor)” was going to be released on the soundtrack as well, but at the last minute, it was decided to not be included in the film or soundtrack. “Sway” will not be released as a single either. Miramax representatives said they did not want another “Gigli” or “Bennifer” image to haunt the movie or soundtrack. If you didn’t know, Jennifer recorded “Baby I Love U!” for the “Gigli” soundtrack, but Sony would not release the track to the producers, which meant it was going to be added to her “This Is Me…Then” CD.

“Let It Flow (On The Floor)” Info:
As it looks, “Let It Flow” is what we in the record industry call a prerelease single. It’s a single to sort of test the waters. Basically, Epic released the song to the Internet to find out just how many people downloaded it and requested it on the radio. So far, according to Kazaa, 3,498 people downloaded the file on their network. That is not counting other websites who posted the single. The single leaked is the pre-mastered version. A mastered version of the single, duration 3:32, will be “leaked” in 2 weeks. The male back-up vocalist is Paul Anthony, from the Full Force gang. If you didn’t know, the track samples the hook of “I Wonder If I Take You Home” from the 80’s spanish club group Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

“Let It Flow” video and Album Photo Shoot Info:
At this time, according to Jenny’s management team, there is no video for the song, unless it makes its way to high market radio stations, i.e., New York, Miami, Chicago, and LA. If and when there is a video filmed, it most likely will be directed by McG, who expressed an interest. Photo shoot for the album will be taking place in August, courtesy of Patrick Demarchelier.

SonyBMG will be promoting the hell out of this new CD, as it is the last CD under the old Epic/Sony contract that Jennifer has. As of today, we have not received word if she will resign. I do know that she was offered a new 3 album contract that included a “vanity” label and music production company. I do know she is shopping around. Warner Bros. also offered the same, but more money of course. So as soon as I find out, I will let you guys know.

Well, that’s the word from AJ! Credit goes to them for this plethora of information!

Rumors: New “Let It Flow (On The Floor)” Details!

Monday, July 19th, 2004

Yes, that’s the official name of the song apparently thanks to AJ. They also said the song WAS recorded in 2004 and is NOT from “On The 6” but was actually recorded for “Shall We Dance” and then removed from the soundtrack because they didn’t want “another Gigli.” AJ also said Epic Records actually leaked the song onto Kazaa and is not leftover material. AJ also provided us with lyrics (which I’ve updated and is UNCENSORED!) and credits to who wrote the song:

Written by. C. Rooney/J. Lopez/P. Anthony/J. Smith/L. Velez

Album Info and Lingerie Line

Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Thanks to mel for these submissions!

P. Diddy Helping On Upcoming Album
P. Diddy is once again helping JLo on her upcoming album. He has reportedly written one track and produced another and still enjoy working together and remain close friends. Lopez was quoted as saying, “I love and admire him. He is a musical genius and I have no problems in working with him.” Read the article here. It does, however, mention a February release date which seems to contradict the official web site from Sony.

Preview of JLo Lingerie Line
On there are the first glimpses of the JLo Lingerie line. Put “jlo” into the search box on the web page and press Search. It’s not much, but the line will be released on Jen’s birthday-24th July. Check it out!