“On The Floor” Is NOT A New Single – More like leftovers!

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J. Lo’s New Single Isn’t Her New Single
‘(Out) On the Floor’ is actually a years-old outtake.
by Jennifer Vineyard

Jennifer Lopez is back on the radio with an old song masquerading as a new single. “(Out) On the Floor” has been making the rounds on the Internet as well as the airwaves, with fans speculating that it’s the first taste from the singer’s forthcoming album due this fall. The singer’s label rep, however, says that the tune is not an official release and won’t be on the new record.

The dance song with a beat sampled from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s 1984 breakthrough hit “I Wonder If I Take You Home” is more poppy than much of J. Lo’s recent work, and describes the mind-clearing benefits of getting lost on the dance floor in a good beat. Lyrics include, “I step into another world/ As soon as I start to dance/ Out on the floor/ It’s always been the only place/ When I look to escape/ Baby, you can do the same/ Let your troubles go.”

“(Out) On the Floor” started getting spins last week on R&B and hip-hop stations, including KQBT in Austin, Texas, KXJM in Portland, Oregon, WGBT in Greensboro, North Carolina, WWKC in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WKHT in Knoxville, Tennessee, and KPRR in El Paso, Texas. “This was something that was leaked last week,” said Jason Kidd, program director at KQBT, which reported playing the song 51 times between June 17 and 23. “Only a few stations in the country have it. I was told that we had it before the label.”

Lopez’s label rep, Epic Records publicist Michele Schweitzer, said that that track was left over from an old session “three albums ago” (evidently J. Lo’s 1999 debut, On the 6; the song’s lyrics mention the 6-train), and was never intended for release. “It’s not a new song, it’s not going on the new album, it’s nothing,” Schweitzer said. “It’s a rough mix. It’s not even mastered.”

As soon as Epic realized that the song was in rotation, Schweitzer said, the label asked radio stations to pull the song from their playlists. But not every station got such a call, and it remains on the air in some places. “They have not said anything to me,” Kidd said. “I am still [playing it occasionally] here and there.”

There’s no release date yet for Lopez’s next album, which she continues to work on in Los Angeles while shooting her next movie, “Monster-In-Law”.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought this was a weak single to introduce a new album anyway. At least one good thing came from this – we have an album confirmation! Even radio stations that JLo.net contacted reported this as a new single! This also explains why not many radio stations were picking up the song – which I thought was fishy. It was nice hearing something new though for a fanbase that’s starved for new material 🙂

4 Responses to ““On The Floor” Is NOT A New Single – More like leftovers!”

  1. Caiti says:

    I like the song, but it did sort of sound like an odd choice for a first single. I wonder who leaked it? I noticed the 6 reference too.

  2. Saleh says:

    Duh Its Not ! Epic Records wont release it, but they said that if the song DOES get THAT MUCH publicity that they would THINK of releasing it ONLY as a radio play BUT NOT a SINGLE !

  3. ossie says:

    where can I downlad the new song or listen to it.

  4. CzarCastic says:

    It’s on the site here. Music section or scroll down a few entries.