Is Jennifer Ditching Movies?

Sources close to Lopez have said so and she has apparently refused to attend the premiere for “Shall We Dance?” – which if true, would certainly not place her in a good light. Richard Gere, also in the movie, was shocked by her unenthusiasm toward the project.

“It was no secret that Jennifer and Richard didn’t get on but they found a professional balance to get them through. But Richard isn’t impressed that she’s ruled herself out of the premiere and doesn’t think it’s the right impression to give the public or media. Her people aren’t worried as she has so many strings to her bow – but sense she wants to move away from films after her run of flops. She could find solace in music.”

3 Responses to “Is Jennifer Ditching Movies?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit. How do they know she isn’t going to attend? The premiere is in October! I don’t think she has already made a decision.

    She doesn’t want to move away from films. She has Shall We Dance and An Unfinished Life and she is shooting a movie with Jane Fonda at this moment…
    And I have seen the pictures: Richard and Jennifer have great chemistry! Jennifer will attend the Shall We Dance premiere. 100%.

  2. Saleh says:

    I Agree !!

  3. cg1203 says:

    is she not going because she’s showing that she’s pregnant? i thought she loved the red carpet!!! something is not right!!!