“American Darlings” Shooting Delayed

Jennifer Lopez was set to start shooting the film “American Darlings” this upcoming September, however it has now been delayed due to having no script yet. This news arrives in time to fuel rumors of Lopez’s pregnacy even more – to which reports of are still being denied.

8 Responses to ““American Darlings” Shooting Delayed”

  1. cg1203 says:

    It’s time for Jennifer to come clean!!!

  2. Saleh says:

    Look JLo Is not Pregnant, coz if she was she would say so ! Plz stop spreading rumours that she is pregnant ! Its not her fault the movie was delayed, there was no script yet ! I dont think JLo is the director here, its the director’s fault!

    And Anyway JLO has a busy schedule, two movies of hers are coming in October and December, and she is currently filming one now! And her third fragrance is going to be released ! And she just opened her new JLo Store in Moscow!

    Honey if you ask me I would take a break !!!

  3. cg1203 says:

    darling…rumors will stop once she comes clean!!! get over yourself!!!

  4. Mikey says:

    hrm, i hope she’s not prengnant or else she wont be looking too sexy in glamorous gowns 🙁 And i hope she attends the premier of SWD – I always look forward to how she looks and what she wears to movie premiers.

  5. Saleh says:

    Hey cg1203 honey, let me tell you this clear and simple:


    DUMB B*I*A*T*C*H

  6. fighty says:

    anybody got picks of her now that she is ” pregnant ” ? i dont think she is .

  7. Anonymous says:

    she is and i repeat she is PREGNANT. according to STAR magazine, IN TOUCH WEEKLY, and US WEEKLY she is. just hope it’s healthy and beautiful

  8. joy says:

    if jennifer is pregnant we will find out in a few months. OK. i think it’s for her to know and us for us to find out… later. i also posted the july 19, 2004 01:32 AM message