“Out On The Floor” Lyrics!

As another first, we’ve got “Out On The Floor” lyrics! Click the link to read them. If you can fill in the small missing sections, contact us by e-mail or leave a comment here with the changes! Thanks!

We also have a new rip of the song here. This one is smaller in size than the previous one and doesn’t end quite as abruptly. This one is 112kbps, while the other is 192kbps which is overkill for a radio stream. Even 112kbps is more than enough.

Jennifer Lopez – “(Out) On The Floor” MP3-Radio Cut/112kbps/3:08/2.5MB

Enjoy this smaller-sized but same quality version!

More stations picking up this song. No new locations yet though:

WKHT – Knoxville, TN
WWKL – Harrisburg, PA

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  2. Bill says:

    WIOQ 102 FM >> Philadelphia has been playing it since June 17th

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