Jennifer Isn’t Engaged to Marc Anthony

From IMDB:

Jennifer Lopez has enlisted the help of her future brother-in-law’s colleagues at showbiz news show Entertainment Tonight to help crush reports she’s engaged again. J.Lo called Entertainment Tonight’s offices in Los Angeles, where she’s shooting new movie Monster-in-Law with Jane Fonda, to complain about the show’s coverage of her rumored romance with singer Marc Anthony. She told staff that whatever they read, she was not getting married to Anthony. Lopez’s sister Lynda is set to wed Entertainment Tonight reporter Chris Booker. Reports that the two could be getting married surfaced last week when Lopez was spotted wearing a new diamond band on her wedding finger. J.Lo’s engagement to Ben Affleck was called off in January, four months after the couple postponed their wedding ceremony.

4 Responses to “Jennifer Isn’t Engaged to Marc Anthony”

  1. Brianna says:

    i think that jlo is not going out with anthony because i think she stills like ben

  2. Brianda Hernandez says:

    i like all jlo stuff!!!!!!
    But i think that jlo and marc are not going out they never were because i think jlo still has love for Ben

  3. mrlopez says:

    well shes married… yay.. well hope it lasts..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I seen some pics of the ceremony…