Extraneous e-mails

A few of you may have received 1 or 2 odd looking e-mails from us. Disregard it, as we were testing out our system of resending validation e-mails to those of you have signed up for the mailing list but never validated.

Also welcome to Concept…hopefully he’ll be helping out with the site a bit.

P.S. We’re deleting any e-mail addresses that bounce back to us. IF YOU NEVER GOT A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL, MAKE SURE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT AND SIGN UP AGAIN! Some other things to remember:

– e-mail addresses don’t have spaces in them!
– e-mail addresses do not begin with “www”
– double-check your e-mail address and make sure it is correct!

Carry on again. 🙂

3 Responses to “Extraneous e-mails”


    TAKE ME,FROM 6978436562 SOS KLI

  2. grace says:

    why jlo will not give her e-mail…

  3. sadia says:

    i am j.lo’s big big fan!!!