JLo vs. the Construction Workers…

From IMDB:

Following Jennifer Lopez’s break-up with Ben Affleck, the singer and actress is now facing more domestic heartache – this time over her Los Angeles home. American TV show Celebrity Justice has obtained court documents from a nearly two-year ongoing legal battle between J.Lo and a construction company she blames for causing more than $2 million in damage with their allegedly sloppy workmanship. According to documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, New York native Lopez claims a California construction company did “defective work” on her imposing mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The suit claims work on the windows, doors, swimming pool and waterproofing were all done “poorly”. The suit even states the company knocked out the hill her house sits on. It says the hillside is now covered with tarpaulins and is held up by sandbags. Lopez also accuses the construction company of taking advantage of her good nature. She says they charged her for “expensive meals” and “entertainment” and she was paying people who were at the construction site, but not working. Sources say Lopez is quietly showing the house to potential buyers – and the asking price is a surprisingly low $10 million. The construction company has not commented on the lawsuit.

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