“Baby I Love You” Single Details

Hmm…a single? I thought this song and video were released long ago, and it wasn’t a strong choice of a single to boot anyway, in my opinion. But it looks like a single won’t happen at all anymore. The below article actually reveals some very interesting details, including Ben being stripped from an upcoming DVD including the “Jenny From the Block” video, as well as any reference of him being removed from the single.

From IMDB:

Superstar Jennifer Lopez has delayed the release of her latest single “Baby I Love You” so she can remove any reference to former fiance Ben Affleck. After 18 months of public declarations of love, embarrassed J.Lo is reportedly dropping her the song in the fear it will spark ridicule. Lopez’s fourth track from her hit album This Is Me, Then, which the Latina devoted to Affleck with songs such as “Dear Ben, You Belong To Me,” was originally due for a Valentine’s Day release. After Lopez and Affleck ended their romance in January, the sexy singer has been forced to make changes to forthcoming releases, according to Britain’s New! magazine. The song, which features controversial rapper R Kelly, was originally recorded as a personal message to Affleck and the CD sleeve was set to a feature a photo of the famous couple, with a love message written by Lopez across the image. After the pair split, Lopez demanded the whole batch of CDs be reprinted without any reference to the Hollywood heart-throb. Bosses at Sony are re-working the video for J.Lo’s 2002 hit “Jenny From The Block” and removing the shots of Affleck in time for a forthcoming Greatest Hits DVD. However, Lopez can be still seen wearing her pink diamond engagement ring in the advertisements for her new perfume Still.

I also think it is fairly late to be releasing this song as a single. How about some new material, JLo?

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  1. nana says:

    hi i think tha she is great

  2. nana says:

    hi i think tha she is great