Media Broke Up Engagement


Ben Affleck blames the media for his failed engagement to ex- love Jennifer Lopez – accusing them of putting too much pressure on him and his belle. The Gigli co-stars shocked the world by calling off their romance last month but have kept quiet on the circumstances surrounding the collapse of their high-profile romance. But after the Jersey Girl duo called off their lavish September wedding citing “excessive media attention” as the cause, Affleck has cited the huge volume of press stories surrounding them for causing irreparable damage to the union. Speaking publicly for the first time since the split, Affleck tells American entertainment news show Access Hollywood, “The media has kind of evolved to where it’s become so much more competitive in terms of… there’s only so many stories. So naturally, stuff becomes blown out of proportion or exaggerated.” And Affleck assures he won’t be photographed with a new lady on his arm anytime soon, explaining, “It’s a little time of recovery for me.”

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