JLo Lost Ring…Again

JLo did it again! She nearly lost her massive pink diamond engagement ring:

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ flew into a panic after leaving her engagement ring on the sink of her hotel bathroom recently.
The singer and actress – who is engaged to Hollywood hunk BEN AFFLECK – realised her mistake after she’d checked out of a New York hotel, and ordered her limo driver to turn around and head back.
An insider says, “She realized she’d left it behind after checking out of the Manhattan hotel.
“Screaming at him to floor it, horror-stricken J-Lo raced back, blew by the doorman so fast he never got his hand on the handle.
“She yelled at a manager that she’d left something important behind but he told her to calm down.
“The housekeeper had found the ring and it was in the safe.
“Moments later, he handed it over as Jennifer sobbed and thanked him profusely.”
Lopez had previously nearly lost the pink diamond ring at Los Angeles restaurant THE IVY in March (03) when it slipped into a sink after she’d taken it off to wash her hands.

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