JLo Called Wedding Off?!

Apparently the official word is that Jennifer Lopez originally called her wedding off to Ben Affleck. Ben himself recently admitted this in an interview. Here’s what IMDB has to say about it:

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has confirmed his fiancee Jennifer Lopez suggested they call off their wedding earlier this year. The Paycheck star says the couple decided to abandon the Santa Barbara, California ceremony when the press intrusion became too much. And Ben has revealed that he and J.Lo are now in no rush to get married – and don’t even have a date planned. Ben says, “Jen actually was the first to say, ‘This is so crazy.’ She actually initiated the conversation. She’s been down the road a few times – it wasn’t her first turkey shoot – and she had an understanding and a level of maturity about these things and a very level-headed perspective about it. The stuff about me getting cold feet was all B.S. It was a question of us trying to make our lives as reasonable and sane as possible. So there are no plans for a wedding. We’re really not in any rush. We were lucky that we were in a position where we could afford to take a whack on some of the deposits and everything because we want to do it at the right time. It just got too crazy and that craziness can ruin a relationship.” And 31-year-old Ben hopes to have a load of children with Jennifer, reports website Page Six. He says, “I imagine I would just like to keep them coming. Push hard for the maximum and the woman lets you know when it’s enough.”

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