JLo Gets Flu!

From IMDB:

Jennifer Lopez has fallen victim to the massive flu epidemic sweeping America. The Gigli star has become the most high-profile person thus far to contract the epidemic virus, which has gripped 24 of America’s 50 states with widespread cases. And J.Lo’s worried fiance Ben Affleck, who’s busy touring the US promoting his new movie Paycheck, is keeping a close eye on his bed-ridden belle to ensure she’s in the best condition possible – and he’s also looking after himself. He says, “She’s whacked with the flu, so I’m taking all the echinachea, and I shoot up with vitamin C or whatever they tell you to do ’cause I’m so afraid to get the flu. Jen never gets sick, so when she’s sick… it’s the deadly flu. What’s the story with the flu? All of a sudden it kills everybody.” In the western states alone, 11 children have so far died of a Fujian flu strain. Affleck jokes he may have to consider spending time around Lopez in a rubber mask and gloves. He jokes, “That’ll work. I’ll take the SARS approach. ‘Hi honey! I’m going away to Toronto!'”

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