Freeloading on clothes? Not Lopez!

As a follow-up from the previous story about Vuitton and Jennifer Lopez being dropped from Vuitton, the IMDB now has this to say:

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has slammed reports that Jennifer Lopez was dropped from the Louis Vuitton advertising campaign because she took too many clothes home from the shoot. It had been reported last week that Lopez was dropped from the marketing for the luxury brand because of her freeloading behavior. But Louis Vuitton head designer Jacobs insists that couldn’t be further from the case – and J.Lo was offered all the goodies by them. He tells website Pagesix, “We gave her everything. She was no diva – she was lovely and charming – I mean really, after we spent a fortune on those ads, how could we not offer her the clothes? Who wouldn’t want Jennifer Lopez walking around in their designs?”

Seems to make complete sense and it’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

4 Responses to “Freeloading on clothes? Not Lopez!”

  1. christy Mcdonald says:

    I like jlo she seems she would be fun to party with. Iam a mother and a wife.I dont ever do anything It would be a dream to just have some fun with her and her possie.I would love to live her lifestyle for a son is 16 and he loves her.we are 1/2 hispanic and my son always says dont you wish you could meet her mom.Isaid mom is white and my dad is full mexican.Iam 32 years old and live in ohio ,But people say Idont look my age.Istill feel youg .shes our Ildol and we love her .So keep doing what your doing Jennifer.Best wishes from Christy McDonald urbana ohio.

  2. Wendy King says:

    Jlo is a very good singer and she would be fun to hang out with and i think if she has any kids she would be good with them.

  3. Tonia says:

    I think Jlo is great. I think she is a wonderful dancer,I would love to model some of her fashions. I wish her the best in life with talents, movies and her personal life.

  4. Nichole Lawrence says:

    I love Jennifer, I only wear jlo clothes! I would love to meet or hang out with her. Im a soldier in the army and my nick name is Nlo because they say Im a Jlo finatic! Nichole 25