Matt Damon Claims He Approves of JLo

From IMDB:

Actor Matt Damon insists he and pal Ben Affleck’s fiancee Jennifer Lopez get along – despite reports to the contrary. After Affleck’s romance with J.Lo went public last year, reports quickly surfaced that Damon was one of a series of the Daredevil hunk’s celebrity pals who had doubts about the relationship. But Damon insists nothing could be further from the truth, saying, “Some people have said she bosses him around, but I never saw that. I do like her. I’ve met her and have spent time with her and she’s very sweet and has been great every time I’ve been around her. And obviously, he’s very much in love, so it’s great, except for the media attention.” Damon adds that he hasn’t pulled away from his Good Will Hunting co-star since he began dating Lopez, explaining, “We haven’t actually seen each other much recently. I definitely miss him a lot… but just logistically, we’re always in a different place working. It’s not because of Jennifer.”

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