JLo Relationship Ruined Affleck’s Career?

IMDB.com quotes Ben as making this claim:

Movie hunk Ben Affleck has blamed his high-profile relationship with fiancee Jennifer Lopez for wrecking his career. The Changing Lanes star blames constant media exposure surrounding the high-profile lovers for his dwindling credibility as an actor. Ben says, “My relationship with Jennifer has absolutely been bad for my career. The overexposure this year has been really damaging. The combination of me and Jennifer as a unit became more important than the parts we did in movies. It’s not good when everybody knows everything about you – the mystique disappears. The whole world knew what we were doing on a daily basis. They wrote that we had bought jeans for half a million dollars. It made people think bad about us. But it’s not important. People who regard that as important have lost their soul.”

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