September Wedding called off due to e-mails?

From IMDB:

Jennifer Lopez reportedly canceled her planned September wedding to Ben Affleck, after finding raunchy emails from female admirers on the hunky actor’s computer. The couple insist the ceremony, planned to take place in Santa Barbara, California, was called off after details were leaked to the press – but American newspaper The New York Post claim Lopez flew into a rage after hacking into Affleck’s email account. As well as messages from female fans, J.Lo reportedly discovered a mail Affleck sent Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner over her split from husband Scott Foley.

2 Responses to “September Wedding called off due to e-mails?”

  1. fucken jennifer garner is ugly as hell and has nothing over jlo! jlo is so beautiful and a very loving person and i really think ben should marry her they both seem happy together! i think its true love! and they should give it a try but if hes messing around with other girls then jlo can find another guy because ben aint all that either.

  2. sarah says:

    I adore Jennifer Garner AND Jennifer Lopez,boath of them are talented pretty girls!I love you,guys!