On the rocks again…Ben allegedly kicked out

From IMDB:

Hollywood star Ben Affleck’s recent gambling binge infuriated his fiancee Jennifer Lopez so much, she reportedly ordered him to leave their home. J.Lo only decided to reconcile with the Daredevil hunk after her mum Guadalupe – who pals claim adores the actor – intervened and encouraged her to forgive him, according to website Pagesix. However, sources close to the couple – who axed their wedding in September – allege their romance remains in crisis, because Lopez is struggling to cope with Affleck’s “destructive” addictions. One says, “Jennifer was very upset by the celebrity gambling tournament Ben did last month in Las Vegas. “She feels he just gives up one addiction for another and it is destructive behavior. In a strong moment, she told him to move out of her (Los Angeles) house.” But just a week later, Lopez was back with Affleck and planning a poker tournament – thanks to Guadalupe’s intervention. An insider adds, “Ben got Guadalupe involved and used the whole, ‘Your mother wants to go gamble, too, ‘ card on her. Jennifer lost her nerve and they are back together again, but it is very tumultuous. Guadalupe loves Ben. She thinks the sun rises and sets on him. Anytime Jennifer has doubts, her mother lets loose on her and tells her Ben is just the best thing that ever happened to her.”

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