JLo On The Market For A Horse

JENNIFER LOPEZ is on the lookout for a new stud in her life – a thoroughbred horse.

The AIN’T IT FUNNY singer, engaged to DAREDEVIL hunk BEN AFFLECK, is currently searching the market for a new four-legged friend, according to pals.

Sources say she’s been searching the internet and printing out pictures of the horses she likes. She plans to keep her new pet at Affleck’s grand estate in Savannah, Georgia.

A pal says, “There’s a fenced-off place on the property where horses were once kept. They’re going to keep it there.”

2 Responses to “JLo On The Market For A Horse”

  1. morgan says:

    jlo whats shakin n/m/h i was just wondering if you could tell me when your new cd is comeing out.

  2. Tenisha says:

    Hi JLo I just want you to know that I’m a big fan and I want to wish you more luck and sucess in the future! #1 Fan Tenisha