Affleck case dropped

The crazy woman who claimed Ben Affleck threatened to kill her has stepped down from her allegations:

From IMDB:

The woman who forced police to issue an arrest warrant for Ben Affleck has backed down in her bid to disgrace the movie star – and she even hopes he finds true happiness with Jennifer Lopez. Tara Ray claimed Affleck threatened to kill her after they had an affair and issued a criminal complaint against the actor earlier this month. But police have since dropped the arrest warrant against him, and Ray seems less than keen to take her outrageous claims any further. In an email she wrote to American tabloid National Enquirer, Ray says, “Maybe marrying Jennifer is the best thing he can do. He’s under a great deal of stress. Anyone can see that.” Ray goes on to say the arrest warrant for Affleck was dropped when police couldn’t contact her after she left Kure Beach in North Carolina. She adds, “I’ve lost 16 pounds in the past two months, I was on the edge of having a mental breakdown. He’s (Affleck) not the man I grew to care about at all. I hate that this whole situation has went (sic) too far as it has. I want him to straighten himself out.”

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