Ben’s ‘word’ for JLo…

While accepting an award from the People for the American Way Foundation, Ben used an interesting word for JLo:

“I only accept it in the hopes that the absurd amounts of publicity that I received lately, that as far as I can tell is chiefly because I have a pretty girlfriend, that’s what I did, I am a champion of the American way with a pretty girlfriend — bring it on, paparazzi, news at 11 — in the hopes that some of that publicity might be pointed at something more significant, something more positive, productive and meaningful.”

So…are they, or are they not together?

More from CNN here.

2 Responses to “Ben’s ‘word’ for JLo…”

  1. Arnaq Olsen says:

    Dear jennifer.How are you i am good.You are my fans very much… Im so happy becaus Iwrit you. I corm from greenland. maybe im wrong a baut writ.

    Love:Arnaq Olsen

  2. bobby says:

    i love you jlo