New JLo Music Video DVD

On November 18th, JLo will release “The Reel Me,” a DVD featuring all 17 of her music videos, as well as a bonus remix EP including a “Baby I Love U!” remix by R. Kelly!

Videos to be featured on the DVD are:

– “If You Had My Love”
– “No Me Ames” f/ Marc Anthony
– “Waiting for Tonight” Hex Hector remix
– “Una Noche Mas”
– “Feelin’ So Good” f/ Big Pun, Fat Joe
– “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”
– “Play”
– “I’m Real”
– “I’m Real” remix f/ Ja Rule
– “Ain’t It Funny”
– “Alive”
– “Ain’t It Funny” remix f/ Ja Rule
– “I’m Gonna Be Alright” remix f/ Nas
– “Jenny From the Block” f/ Styles, Jadakiss
– “All I Have” f/ LL Cool J
– “I’m Glad”
– “Baby I Love U”

Definitely sounds like a great deal and DVD!

Read more from VH1 here.

More info as it becomes available.

14 Responses to “New JLo Music Video DVD”

  1. hasna says:


  2. Juliana says:

    i love jlo, i’m her number 1 fan. How could even people like beyonce more than jlo? They’re outta their minds, jlo has great looks, songs and personality,her remixes are great, same with her movies, i always beg my dad to buy me her cd’s, and i wanna get’ the reel me’ for christmas, i hope she reads this!

    your number 1 fan Juliana

  3. jenny hernandez says:

    jennifer you are the coolest chick i know everone here in my town waurika oklahoma call me jlo just like you cause i kinda look like you

  4. sara says:

    J Lo is the shit i agree the only movie though i really liked her acting in was Enough she kicked ass in that movie i lyke beyonce but i have to admit jenny u are the best u always keep ur songs real and i lyke that

    luv ya lots sara

  5. Destiny says:

    I think JLO is really cool she is the best and no one could ever replace her in acting or singing.

  6. Sheila says:

    Jennifer, I think you have great choreoagraphy because i like the way you dance because it’s similar to the way i dance salsa and hip hop in the streets.

  7. prab says:

    u no j lo is the bombno one can beat jlo!

  8. mandy says:

    hi i love JLO she is da best boys think beoncey is suff need glasses jlo’s glow by jlo is nag

  9. Irene says:

    im a die hard fun of J.lo & I hope 2 see her in person…..she’s the best for me!1keep it up!!

  10. Zipporah says:

    Jenny is the best she’s not only beauiful but also talented. I love her music and videos so much. Jlo never stop being you original Bronx’s Puarto Rican Princess. Much lov to ya mama keep up the good work.

  11. katie tonkin says:

    i think j-lo new track has realy come alive this new number of her get right has realy put j-lo back on top of things u go j-lo j-lo hunnie u rock lv ya no1 fan katie xxx

  12. anyssa says:

    Hi Jen,Im a big fan of yours,and I would Like to meet you some day!you are a great dancer!and my dream is when Im older I want to be a choreoagrapher for dance videos!

  13. Eleesha says:

    i think you are the best i have all of your dvds and cds and im a big fan of yours if you walk into my room you will see posters of you lots of luv Eleesha xxx

  14. juanita o'dean says:

    i’m your fan