They are “Working things out”

According to IMDB, Lopez and Affleck are figuring things out and recently spent the weekend together which we earlier reported about:

Jennifer Lopez is “working things out” with fiance Ben Affleck, but her publicist says the pair could just as easily take a break as get married. Following intense speculation after the cancellation of their nuptials earlier this month, Lopez has finally commented through her publicist on her relationship with the Daredevil actor, which was thought to have permanently broken down after she was seen without her pink diamond engagement ring. The pair spent last weekend together, and Lopez’s publicist Dan Klore says his client is “figuring it out”. He explains, “I think they are working things out and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re back together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took some time apart.” He added during an American radio interview, “She’s not doing great, she’s doing good,” before appealing, “She’s 33 years old. Leave her alone.”

This might just be a happy ending.

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