More Split Details

Magazine Us Weekly has published an article in a recent issue with details about why the wedding was suddenly called off and the soon followed split. Apparently things were getting shaky with Ben’s gambling, such as a night recently where he was at Hustler Casino (owned by Larry Flynt). Massive media attention to the wedding was also another reason. In addition, sources claim, Ben’s mother told him to call off the wedding so he wouldn’t constantly be followed by the press. On the other side of the matter, Lopez herself was reportedly seen going to a psychic.

On another note, Chris Judd told Us, “She has my number if she wants to call me.”

A small article can be read here from VH1.

3 Responses to “More Split Details”

  1. kristiina says:

    hello watjuudujin

  2. yunusa says:

    jlo luvs u

  3. Maryam Qaumi says:

    Please send me pictures of your wedding dress with Chris Judd, as I am planning to have the same dress. Im really struggling to locate a picture of it. It would be really appreciated if you can send it as soon as possible.

    Love ya