Wedding May Still Happen?

Well the longer it is, the more we start to believe that they have indeed broken up for the time being.

IMDB reports:

Sexy singer Jennifer Lopez has not ruled out the prospect of marrying actor Ben Affleck – she’s waiting to thrash out their problems with the hunk before deciding on the future. According to a pal of the “Jenny From The Block” star – who’s wedding to the Daredevil hunk in Santa Barbara, California on Sunday was axed at late notice – claims the hitmaker is on contact with her estranged fiance, and the pair are due to meet in person in the next few days to discuss their relationship. J.Lo’s friend tells America’s People magazine, “Only the two of them know how it might turn out. Either way, she’s one to confront her problems. I’m sure they’re going to scream, cry and laugh and maybe figure this out. They’re going to sit down and talk. They’ve spoken on the phone, but it’s different in person. They need to do it away from the glare of New York and Los Angeles.” Other sources close to the singer add that Lopez “still thinks there is a chance” of marriage with the screen star. Currently the glamorous couple are reportedly spending time apart to reflect on their romance – with Affleck residing at his Savannah, Georgia ranch, and Lopez holidaying in Miami, Florida.

2 Responses to “Wedding May Still Happen?”

  1. SALEEM says:

    Hi Jennifer

    Your last days messaging as SALEEM just hate JEMiMA she is mad bitch .. yes no dout . Who told you CHelsea or her husband moli halwa Hasana ?

    See You

  2. SALEEM says:

    Hi Jennifer

    Your few days ago messaging as Now you will not marry me hay .. why then next morning beautiful beach and your messaging then next evening another messaging with John as JUST REQUEST and children playing .. i also have received .

    very warm thanks to send beautiful images and messages .

    LOVE YOU .. wish you all the best .